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Electronic Systems Engineering Technology General: Advising, Scholarship and Course Information

Where can I find a list of Electronic Systems Engineering Technology (ESET) tech electives

ESET Technical Electives

How can I be forced into a class?

Go to the ESET program page and scroll down to the Degree Plan Flow Chart. Review the required prerequisites before requesting to be forced into a class. If you have met all the requirements, schedule an appointment with the Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution (ETID) advising staff.

How do I appeal a grade, dismissal from ESET, dismissal from the university?

Schedule an appointment with the ETID advising staff.

Where do I find scholarship information for ETID and ESET majors?  

ETID scholarships

Where do I find general scholarship information for a Texas A&M University student?  

Texas A&M scholarships and financial aid

Where do I find the ESET Degree Plan flow charts for my class year?   

ESET academics

Make sure you follow the right catalog, which is determined by the year you joined the ESET program. You can also request to change to the latest catalog. Ask an academic advisor if you have any doubts.

How do I submit my degree plan to be approved by ETID Advising? 

You submit your degree plan through Howdy as soon as you are accepted into the ETID Department/ESET program. Once your degree plan is approved by ETID Advising, you need to schedule a meeting with your ESET Faculty Advisor. Bring your transcript and your approved degree plan with you to your faculty advisor meeting.

How do I contact an ESET faculty member? 

ETID faculty

Where do I find who my ESET faculty advisor is and why do I need to meet with them?

ESET students are assigned an ESET faculty advisor. They are posted on the ESET bulletin board outside the ESET office, Fermier 111. Once your degree plan is approved by ETID Advising, you are to schedule a meeting with you ESET faculty advisor as soon as possible.

If I need help, who should I contact?

If you have questions related to your degree plan, talk to your faculty advisor or academic advisor. In general, ESET-specific courses can be discussed with your faculty advisor. Other courses can be discussed with an academic advisor. Visit with program assistant Rosanne Gueguen in Fermier 111 if you need lab access, would like to schedule an appoint with faculty members or want to purchase parts for your capstone project. If you need a waiver, want to be forced in a course or want to change major, visit the academic form page.

ESET Class Information

How do I get lab access?

If you are new to ESET, come by the ESET Program office, Fermier 111. Bring your TAMU ID card and your class schedule to confirm the lab location for your classes.

How do I get building after-hours and weekend access? 

Access forms are available in the ESET Program office in Fermier 111. 

What is the Purchase Order process? 

Purchase Order forms are posted on the ESET Wiki website, along with the instructions on how to complete the form. The form can be found in two drop-down locations on the ESET wiki: 

  • ESET Courses ESET 420/Purchase Order form
  • Knowledgebase/Support

How do I apply for Study Abroad course?

You can search study abroad opportunities at Search by major, location, course, or other parameters.

ESET Opportunities

How can I be a student worker for ESET?

You can check with the ESET Program office in Fermier 111, email us at, contact the individual ESET faculty or check out Jobs for Aggies on the TAMU HR website.

How do I become an ambassador for ESET?

Contact Dr. Logan Porter, ESET Program Coordinator, via email at or come by the ESET Program office in Fermier 111.

What is IEEE-Tech, how can I get involved, and where can I find more information?

IEEE-Tech is an ESET student organization. Their responsibilities include selling part kits for ESET courses, inviting guests from industry to give presentations, and organizing golf tournament and other events.

You can attend any meeting or events organized by IEEE-Tech or run for leadership positions in the organization. For additional information, please attend the IEEE-Tech meeting and talk to the officers or visit their website.

ESET Graduate Assistants

How do I apply to be a GA, GAT or GAR?

Email your CV or resume to