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What is Electronic Systems Engineering Technology?

Electronic Systems Engineering Technology (ESET) combines elements of electronics, embedded systems, communications, project management and testing to innovate tomorrow’s intelligent products and systems today.

What do ESET graduates do?

Think about your smart phone, all of the electronics in your car, the Internet, the equipment used during a doctor or hospital visit. ESET graduates are members and leaders of multidisciplinary teams that innovate, design, develop and deliver these new electronics-based products, systems and services.

Graduates have long term and rewarding careers opportunities within a range of industries that include automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, medical, communications, and energy areas. Entry-level positions include software engineer, test engineer, network engineer, sales consultant, applications engineer, project manager and product engineer. Career paths generally follow the technical management track with former students rising to executive level positions such as manager, director, vice-president and president.  Some graduates will pursue professional engineering registration and other certifications as required by their career path.

Where do ESET graduates work?

ESET graduates work in a diverse set of both large and small companies where knowledge of electronic hardware, software and systems is required and valued. Many graduates will also pursue entrepreneurial opportunities as part of their long-term career by joining small startup companies or forming their own business ventures. Examples of companies that hire ESET graduates include:

  • National Instruments
  • Google
  • Oncor
  • Continental, Inc.
  • Lockard and White
  • Baker Hughes
  • Oceaneering
  • Cisco
  • Texas Instruments
  • Amazon
  • Paragon Innovations
  • Military Service Branches
  • Phillips Medical Systems 

Why study Electronic Systems at Texas A&M?

If you enjoy hands-on learning and applying math, science and engineering principles to create electronic and electromechanical products and systems, ESET is your program. From designing an autonomous robot to delivering working systems to NASA, ESET students use the same toolsets used in industry to design, develop, document and deliver solutions to real world customers even as they are pursuing their degrees. 

All ESET graduates have the unique opportunity to experience the real world through their capstone design experience.  Over the course of nine months, students will select an idea for an intelligent product, find a real-world customer, form a small start-up company, and then develop and deliver a functional prototype. 

Another important strength is that our Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Systems Engineering Technology is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET. Therefore, students graduating from the ESET program are eligible to become registered professional engineers in the State of Texas.

Degrees Offered


Electronics Systems Engineering Technology program offers the following scholarships:

Dude Callendar Endowed Scholarship
Pierre Catala Endowed Scholarship
Chevron Scholarship
Charles and Beulah Hendrix Scholarship
Bob Sather Endowed Memorial Scholarship
Texas Chapter-Independent Telephone Pioneer Assn. Endowed Scholarship
Teradyne Scholarship

ESET students can also apply for ETID department-wide scholarships:

Clint Bertrand Endowed Scholarship
Hilty Family Endowed Scholarship
Jerry Don Self Memorial Endowed Scholarship
J. R. Thompson Memorial Scholarship
Wilburn P. Wellmon '71 Scholarship
Sharon L. and Joseph C. Phillips '72 Endowed Scholarship
Multiple Non-Endowed Scholarships

All students need to complete the scholarship application portion of the ApplyTexas application. Please visit the Scholarship & Financial Aid Office for additional opportunities and important dates and deadlines.
University Scholarship Application
ApplyTexas Freshman Application
ApplyTexas Transfer Application

Other opportunities:

In addition to the scholarships, there are many opportunities for ESET students to be hired as student researchers and lab assistants.