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Recruiting — Maximize Engagement and Visibility — Exclusively for IAP members

By joining our Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP), your company can easily target computer science and computer engineering students (CSE) to receive your job opportunities and event information.

Engagement Opportunities (priority participation by membership level)

  • Dedicated staff member to assist in branding, CSE event promotion and recruiting strategies.
  • No limit on the number of CSE events (tabling events, talks, challenges, etc.) each academic year.
  • May request a faculty liaison for research interest collaboration.
  • Invitation to:
    • CSE-Only Career Fair
    • IAP Recruiting Event, resume clinics, mock interviews and lunch with students.
    • January and March IAP Industry Days, meet and greet events to connect, inform and recruit students.
    • Spring Banquet and Awards Ceremony, members will be seated with their company named scholarship recipients.
    • Participate as a speaker or panelist in a CSCE 481 seminar class, an engineer's perspective of transitioning to work life.
    • Participate as a speaker in a CSCE 181 seminar class, an introduction to computing (Platinum members only).
    • Participate as a speaker in a CSCE 681 research seminar class, a research presentation (Platinum members only).
    • Host a company Corporate Day (Monday, Thursday and Friday during the fall career fair week are reserved for Platinum members).
    • Participate in the end of semester Capstone Project Reviews and Exit Interviews; give feedback on graduates, teaching direction and approaches; and provide input to significant long-term trends.

Hiring Opportunities

  • IAP members’ job information is emailed directly to all or targeted students.
  • Members receive Resume Books for the CSE-Only Career Fair, January IAP Industry Day, and March IAP Industry Day.

Corporate Recognition and Branding – Exclusively for IAP members

Our IAP members are an important part of our students’ success. To acknowledge your company’s support to our students, faculty and visitors, your:

  • Company logo is displayed on the IAP recognition monitor in the Peterson Building and in rotation on all CSE lobby monitors.
  • Company name and logo are on the department’s IAP web page linked to your company home page.
  • Extensive promotion of IAP member’s CSE events via direct emails and slides (displayed in CSE lobbies, if provided).

For IAP and Non IAP Company Recruiting Opportunities

  • Non-IAP CSE jobs are only posted on the CSE student job listserv.
  • Jobs may be posted on the Texas A&M University Career Center’s website.
  • After hours rooms may be reserved (afterhours during career fair weeks are reserved for IAP members). Note, only IAP events are promoted via emails and monitor slides.
  • CSE student organizations may be contacted to host a talk or event.