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Plan courses for first semester and choose committee chair

Complete prior to the start of classes — Meet with your faculty advisor(s) to discuss career interests and coursework needs. The graduate academic advisor can provide general guidance but final coursework will always come from your faculty advisor(s). 

Submit degree plan

Finish before completion of nine hours — Meet with faculty advisor(s) to discuss career interests and coursework needs. List all previous, current and planned courses for the degree, as well as all committee members. This needs to be approved by the graduate academic advisor, committee chair and members, director of Graduate Programs and the Graduate and Professional School.  Submit via the Document Processing Submission System.  Failure to submit the required degree plan by the stated GradSchool deadlines will result in a registration hold being placed on the student’s account.

Expected Timeline: Degree plans can take upwards of two months for full approval.

Complete immersion experience

Typically completed during a summer term. — Meet with faculty advisor(s) to discuss career interest and plan immersion experience.  Students may complete either an internship, clinical immersion or translational immersion.

Hours requirement: Total of approximately 400 hours of real-world experience required.  Typically equates to at least one semester working full time or up to two semesters working part-time.

Complete coursework

Within two years – Complete all graded coursework on degree plan and immersion experience. Ensure coursework completed matches the degree plan and make changes if necessary via the Document Processing Submission System.  Final courses may be in progress during graduating semester.

Apply for graduation 

During first month of final semester — Visit your Howdy portal or the Graduation homepage and pay graduation fee.


Arrange for cap and gown. Visit the Graduation homepage.

Additional Information

  • Requirements listed above are for BME, and in some cases, are stricter than the university minimum guidelines. Failure to meet any of the above requirements could result in dismissal from the program.
  • Students must be continuously registered every fall and spring semester until all degree requirements have been met. 
  • All documents (e.g. proposal, dissertation) must be submitted to your advisory committee at least two weeks prior to milestone completion.