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Many biomedical engineering students seek to enter medical school with a degree in bioengineering, giving them the advantage of having a marketable engineering degree as well as academic training appropriate for modern medicine. To meet the requirements for admission to most medical schools, students must select some courses required for medical school admission from electives in the biomedical engineering curriculum. It is also necessary to take additional course work above the requirements for the biomedical engineering program. The undergraduate program is accredited by ABET

Below is a table outlining the requirements of the pre-medicine program and which BMEN courses can be taken to meet the requirements.

Hours  Pre-Medicine Requirements

Req'd in BMEN

Courses Taken
6 hrs English Yes ENGL 104 & ENGL 210
8 hrs Introductory Biology No BIOL 111 & BIOL 112 in addition to BMEN curriculum
8 hrs Advanced Biology Yes VTPP 434 & VTPP 435
8 hrs Inorganic Chemistry Yes  CHEM 107/117 (or 119) & CHEM 120
8 hrs Organic Chemistry Some CHEM 227 required in BMEN curriculum; CHEM 237, 228, & 238 in addition to BMEN curriculum
3 hrs Biochemistry No  BICH 410 in addition to BMEN curriculum
8 hrs Physics Yes  PHYS 206/216 & PHYS 207/217
3 hrs Statistics Yes  BMEN 350

PSYC 107 and SOCI 205 are suggested prior to taking the MCAT, but not required for medical school acceptance.