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Financial aid includes federal, state, institutional and private fund(s) used to assist eligible students in funding their education. Financial aid can be a combination of scholarships, grants, loans, waivers and student employment. Scholarships and grants are considered "free money," and the student is not required to repay. However, loans and student employment are considered self-help aid and most loans require repayment when a student becomes enrolled less than half time or graduates. Student employment includes both work-study positions and part-time employment positions, either on or off campus.

Applying for financial aid is an important part of preparing for your college education. Eligibility for various programs is first determined by your residency status. Once residency is determined, you will know which financial aid application must be completed. Click on the following links to access the financial aid applications.

  • FAFSA - U.S. residents or eligible non-residents
  • TASFA - Texas residents ineligible to complete the FAFSA (SB 1528)
  • ISFAA - International students
  • Summer Supplement - Recommended application for summer financial aid