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Three students involved in engineering-centric activities

About ENGR[x]

ENGR[X] is a zero-credit-hour requirement for graduation in the Texas A&M College of Engineering.

Important information about ENGR[x]

  1. Students have their entire undergraduate years (typically four) to complete this zero-credit requirement.
  2. Student completes the requirement by following two steps.
    1. Student participates in an approved* high-impact experience.

*Approved activities are determined by each engineering department. A list of typically approved activities is included below. However, to verify if an activity can be used for the requirement, students are encouraged to speak to their departmental advisor and/or reach out to ENGR[x] director Shayla Rivera at

  1. Student enrolls in the department’s designated ENGR[X] course in order to complete and submit the accompanying required self-reflection. The rubric for the self-reflection will be provided by the engineering department via the syllabus for said course.
  2. If a student wishes to complete this requirement during their first year while not yet part of an engineering department, they are encouraged to study the list of approved activities for their top three department choices and select an activity these departments may have in common. This will increase their chances of participating in an activity that would be approved once they are part of their department. However, students who choose to follow this approach must understand that there is a risk that they would end up in a department outside of their top three choices and might have to complete an activity approved by their department.

More Information

For more information about ENGR[X] please contact:

Shayla Rivera

  • Director, ENGR[x]
  • Professor of Practice
Shayla Rivera