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A group of students poses for a photo with people from industry

A key to the success of the Meloy Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program (MEIEP) is its involvement with industry sponsors and former students. The ongoing synergy between the Texas A&M University College of Engineering, MEIEP faculty and staff, industry mentors and sponsors, and students brings together some of the best and brightest minds in the world. Top-performing corporations understand the value of entrepreneurship and are looking for the unique combination of technical aptitude and entrepreneurial attitude, which we are nurturing within MEIEP.

There are numerous ways to support MEIEP. We can apply your valuable expertise and knowledge as a guest speaker, a judge for one of our many competitions, a student team or project mentor, a subject matter expert, a host for one of our events, a sponsor for one of our competitions and the list goes on. These are all highly impactful ways to give back to Texas A&M, and we would like to talk with you about your ideas and opportunities that we have.


Each semester, we offer students the opportunity to hear real-world stories from entrepreneurs through our Entrepreneurship Hour seminar course ENGR 262/462. We also have many opportunities throughout our courses for guest speakers on topics ranging from protecting intellectual property to managing engineering teams in a startup and much more.


Each semester, we have a number of events where we bring in industry partners to judge. This is a great way for you to observe these talented students in action with a minimal time commitment on your part. For many, this represents their initial probe into program.


Working directly with one of our student teams may be one of the richest experiences of your post-university life. We consistently hear from our industry mentors that they enjoy working with high-energy students on big ideas. The commitment varies based on the stage of the team but is generally about one hour per week.


Engineering entrepreneurship’s students aren’t limited to just a set of prescribed courses — they commit to a multifaceted program that offers them the tools, mentors, resources and experiences required to be successful leaders and innovators in industry. With the generous support of our sponsors, we can continue our effort to provide our students with such opportunities.

Sponsorship opportunities afford our industry partners the chance to interface directly with the brightest and most innovative students at Texas A&M, the leaders of tomorrow. You can choose the appropriate amount of time and funding to fit into your business model, and we can tailor that within our endeavors. Your investment in engineering entrepreneurship provides you with access to the students, direct observation of their responses to challenging roles and the ability to inspire students within your particular field.

Sponsorship opportunities may include:

  • Sponsoring prizes for entrepreneurship competitions
  • Supporting guest speakers for our Engineering Entrepreneurship Speaker Series
  • Supporting faculty/staff to create and run new courses and/or expand existing courses
  • Sponsoring an “entrepreneur in residence,” a part-time entrepreneur who spends time with our students and faculty
  • Funding a summer startup incubator program for current and/or former students
If you or your organization is interested in learning more, please submit the industry interest form or contact Jim Donnell, program director of engineering entrepreneurship at