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Photo of Dr. Sean McDeavitt with text reading “McDeavitt named to Texas Nuclear Working Group”
Image: Texas A&M Engineering

A new working group established to evaluate the future of nuclear energy in Texas has named Dr. Sean McDeavitt, a nuclear engineering professor and Associate Vice Chancellor for National Laboratories, as a member.

On Aug. 16, 2023, Gov. Greg Abbott directed the creation of Texas Advanced Nuclear Reactor Working Group within the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). The group will operate under the leadership of PUCT Commissioner Jimmy Glotfelty.

The working group will evaluate how advanced nuclear reactors can provide Texas with safe, reliable and affordable power. Members of the working group include leaders in nuclear energy, business and academia.

“The diversity and depth of their expertise will help us deliver a comprehensive and actionable plan to make our state the leader in nuclear energy. I thank each of them for their willingness to participate and serve the interests of Texas consumers,” Glotfelty said in a press release.

Along with working group members, additional experts in nuclear energy, development and distribution will join this effort in subgroups.

The working group areas of study will include:

●      Safety advancements.

●      Financial incentives.

●      State and federal regulatory impediments to growth.

●      Permitting processes.

●      Impacts on the Texas electric market.

The working group must report its findings and recommendations to Gov. Abbott by Dec. 1, 2024.

Additional information can be found on the Texas Advanced Nuclear Reactor Working Group webpage.