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The Meloys have expanded, enhanced the entrepreneurship program through an endowment. | Image: Courtesy of Chuck Meloy

The Engineering Entrepreneurship Program at Texas A&M University has gained attention with its robust programming, success in student competitions and emphasis on connecting engineering innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset. The program offers a variety of experiences, including 48-hour design competitions, courses and certificates to enhance the engineering curriculum.

Through a recent endowment, Chuck ’82, Shari ’83, and Grady ’11 Meloy, and Katy Evans ’09, have committed to expanding this model program, now named the Meloy Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program (MEIEP). In addition to contributing to the ongoing innovation and improvement of the entire suite of programs offered to the engineering community, this investment will provide 20 Fellow scholarships and 20 Innovator scholarships per year.

“The classroom experience is the foundation students need for success,” said Jim Donnell ’82, director of the program. “Layering on both the curricular and programmatic aspects offered by MEIEP serves as a career accelerator for students by providing engagement and experiences they can’t gain elsewhere.”

Chuck’s’ decision to support the entrepreneurship program stemmed from his time serving on the Dean’s Engineering Advisory Council and a task force specifically focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. It was during this time that he recognized an opportunity to leave a lasting mark.

Chuck commented, “The vision of the entrepreneurship program is for Texas A&M to be a destination university for those students that have dreams of owning or running impactful organizations. We are hopeful that this program and the scholarships will encourage students to look our way and investigate the many exciting engineering programs and resources that Texas A&M has to offer. The College of Engineering has created a great reputation, and we aim to further enhance the brand with this program. 

During a successful career in the oil and gas field, Chuck realized how important engineering innovation and its rapid deployment have been in transforming companies and careers. His passion for entrepreneurship was inspired by Autry Stephens during Chuck’s time as CEO of Endeavor Energy Resources in Midland, Texas.

“Endeavor was a great experience for me and showed me firsthand what it took to be a successful entrepreneur,” he said.  

The program aims to serve as a compelling factor that attracts the best and brightest high school students to choose Texas A&M’s College of Engineering. Additionally, the program seeks to develop and differentiate outstanding engineering students as they graduate and pursue a career.  

“The Meloy gift impacts dozens of students annually who will be named as Meloy Fellows and Meloy Innovators, hundreds of students who are engaged in the numerous curricular offerings, and thousands of students who participate in the programs,” said Donnell. “Through this amazing gift, the Meloy family has touched the lives of so many, and we are forever grateful.”