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Aggie ring and Texas A&M logo on a graduation robe cuff.
Seven students were awarded prestigious scholarships from the Houston Electrical League. Students were interviewed and evaluated on their dedication, academic prowess and potential for future success. | Image: Texas A&M Engineering
Seven students from the Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution at Texas A&M University were recognized for their achievements with scholarships from The Houston Electrical League (HEL). According to the HEL Scholarship Committee, the scholarship winners represent a new generation of talent poised to contribute significantly to the electrical industry.
The HEL is an industry association focused on supporting the Houston and Southeast Texas electrical sector. The association significantly contributes to education and scholarships through the Houston Electrical League Scholarship Fund.

Each student from the industrial distribution program was awarded a $2,000 scholarship named after an esteemed industry professional who left a lasting impact on the field. The recipients of these scholarships are:

·       Rebekah Hodge, Danney McCoy scholarship
·       Michael Digel, Mickey DeHart scholarship
·       Nathan Wilson, Jim Krepper scholarship
·       Peri Olson, Jim Sims scholarship
·       Kellen Opela, Gus Smith scholarship
·       Nathan Verastegui, Clyde Rutland scholarship
·       Jazlyn Marvin, JR Thompson scholarship

The scholarship selection process evaluated students on their dedication, academic prowess and potential for future success.

Evan Vestal, a senior lecturer at the engineering technology and industrial distribution department, said participating in the scholarship selection process has an impact on students’ personal growth and development.
"For many students, interviewing with the HEL is their first interview at the collegiate level,” Vestal said. “This allows students to think outside of the norm from how they have learned. Students that intern with the HEL are allowed to work on projects as well as experience a manufacturer or distributor rotation of duties."