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Faculty Excellence Awards trophies sitting on a table.
Faculty were recognized during the recent 2023 Faculty Awards banquet. | Image: Texas A&M Engineering

Recipients of the Texas A&M University College of Engineering 2023 Faculty Excellence Awards were recognized for their accomplishments during an event on April 4, along with the 2022 faculty investitures and recipients of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station’s (TEES) Engineering Genesis Awards. 

Faculty Excellence Awards

College of Engineering Excellence Award for Teaching
Theodora Chaspari, computer science and engineering
Rainer Fink, engineering technology and industrial distribution
Astrid Layton, mechanical engineering

College of Engineering Excellence Award for Service
Melissa Grunlan, biomedical engineering
Kristi Shryock, multidisciplinary engineering
College of Engineering Excellence Award for Outstanding Contributions
Diego Donzis, aerospace engineering
Waruna Kulatilaka, mechanical engineering
Hadi Nasrabadi, petroleum engineering

College of Engineering Instructional Faculty Teaching Award
Andrew Conkey, multidisciplinary engineering
Charles Peak, biomedical engineering
Shawna Thomas, computer science and engineering
Joanna Tsenn, mechanical engineering

College of Engineering Excellence Faculty Award
Huilin Gao, civil and environmental engineering
Patrick Shamberger, materials science and engineering

Dean of Engineering Excellence Awards

Assistant Professor Level
Jeyavijayan Rajendran, electrical and computer engineering
Alexandra Walsh, biomedical engineering

Associate Professor Level
Ali Mostafavi, civil and environmental engineering
Ankit Srivastava, materials science and engineering

Professor Level
Karen Kirkland, nuclear engineering
Miladin Radovic, materials science and engineering

College of Engineering Awards

TEES Young Faculty Fellow Award
Bobak Mortazavi, computer science and engineering
Daniel Selva Valero, aerospace engineering
Petros Sideris, civil and environmental engineering
Limei Tian, biomedical engineering

TEES Faculty Fellow Award
Guofei Gu, computer science and engineering
Manoranjan Majji, aerospace engineering
Mohammad Naraghi, aerospace engineering

TEES Senior Faculty Fellow Award
Svetlana Sukhishvili, materials science and engineering

TEES Research Impact Award
Jaime Grunlan, mechanical engineering
Robin Murphy, computer science and engineering
Vladislav Yakolev, biomedical engineering

The Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award
Sunil Chirayath, nuclear engineering
Micah Green, chemical engineering
Malini Natarajarathinam, engineering technology and industrial distribution
Ciriaco Valdez-Flores, industrial and systems engineering