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Jason Henderson and Susan Borsh.
Dedicated staff members Jason Henderson and Susan Borsh embody the department's values and go the extra mile to ensure student success. | Image: Texas A&M Engineering
In a testament to the unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit within the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University, two outstanding staff members were recognized for their exceptional service and commitment to student success. Administrative Coordinator I Susan Borsh and Director of Academic Services Jason Henderson from the Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution were among the honorees at the recent Staff Excellence Awards ceremony held at the Zachry Engineering Education Complex.
The event celebrated their remarkable contributions, highlighting the department's commitment to going above and beyond for their students.
Expressing his gratitude, Henderson said, "I believe it's a team award because we all depend so much on each other to make things work. Our department strives to do a great job of serving our students, ensuring they have everything they need to achieve their goals of graduation and finding their first jobs. This recognition reflects the collective effort of our dedicated staff members who work tirelessly to support our students."
Standing in front of a backdrop with a Texas A&M logo, Dr. Dimitris Lagoudas hands an award to Jason Henderson.
Henderson received the Staff Excellence Award from Dr. Dimitris Lagoudas, associate vice chancellor for engineering research, in recognition of Henderson’s exceptional commitment and contributions to student success. | Image: Texas A&M Engineering
The exceptional staff members recognized at the ceremony excel in their respective roles and embody the department's values by going the extra mile to ensure student success. They understand that their impact extends beyond the classroom and the university. Henderson emphasized, "We take a vested interest in all our students and strive to build lifelong relationships with them. We aim to provide them with the best possible chance for success, not only during their time at the university but throughout their careers."
When asked about the motivation behind his exceptional work ethic, Henderson shared, "My father, first and foremost, and my grandfathers have played a significant role in shaping my values. They instilled in me a strong work ethic, emphasizing the importance of doing the job correctly and to the best of my ability each and every day. I strive to live up to the legacy of my family and the values they stood for."

"I bring my A game every day because of the students. The industrial distribution program is incredibly relevant to business today, and that's what makes it so near and dear to my heart. The exceptional faculty and staff contribute to its success, and for me, it's a true calling of service. That's why I'm dedicated to bringing my absolute best to support our students and help them thrive in their educational journey,” Borsh said.
Standing in front of a backdrop with a Texas A&M logo, Dr. Dimitris Lagoudas hands an award to Susan Borsh.
Borsh, a recipient of the Staff Excellence Award, graciously accepts the honor from Lagoudas, recognizing her outstanding contributions and dedication to student success. | Image: Texas A&M Engineering
The College of Engineering prides itself on providing a unique educational experience that prepares students for their futures. The department goes above and beyond to foster a supportive and engaging environment where students can truly thrive. Henderson mentioned, "Our professors genuinely care about the students, getting to know them personally and ensuring their educational experience is top-notch. It's a special place focusing on the individual's learning journey and aspirations."
With a strong emphasis on excellence and passion, the College of Engineering and the engineering technology and industrial distribution department are shaping the next generation of innovators and leaders. Their dedication to producing future thinkers and problem-solvers who will guide society for decades is truly commendable.
The College of Engineering congratulates Borsh, Henderson and all of this year's Staff Excellence Awards recipients. Their commitment to student success is an inspiration to the entire engineering community. As they continue to empower and nurture the minds of aspiring engineers, the department's impact will reverberate for generations to come.

Visit the engineering technology and industrial distribution department's website to explore how you can unlock your potential by being part of this esteemed department.