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The first-place winning team members stand with their instructors and Dr. Harry Hogan at the awards ceremony of the Engineering Project Showcase.
The Formula SAE Internal Combustion team received the Overall Showcase Capstone Design Award as well as first-place in the J. Mike Walker ’66 Department of Mechanical Engineering. | Image: : Hayden Schonheft/Texas A&M Engineering

In the 11th year of the Engineering Project Showcase, over 1,200 student engineers presented the final products of their capstone projects across the Zachry Engineering Education Complex. More than 250 teams spent the year developing a solution for a challenge impacting their departments.

Industry sponsors worked with some students to take on issues their companies encounter daily. Some of the corporate sponsors also funded the capstone projects. Ultimately, 26 teams were awarded prize money of over $16,000.

"The Engineering (Project) Showcase really helps you develop your skill sets in critical thinking and problem-solving, and that is what engineers do their whole lives," said Craig Brown, founder and CEO of Bray International Inc.

Student presents his project’s infographic at the Engineering Project Showcase.
Capstone teams presented their projects to the judges and fellow engineering students passing by. | Image: Bariha Askery/Texas A&M Engineering

Brown's company, one of the silver sponsors for the showcase, added to the grand prize of the Overall Showcase Capstone Design Award, bumping it up from $1,500 to $2,500.

"We (Texas A&M) have this really diverse environment of students who are all eager to learn engineering and solve problems to make the world that people live in better," Brown commented.

A race car that was one of the projects submitted to the Engineering Project Showcase.
Students spent the year developing their projects for the showcase. | Image: Hayden Schonheft/Texas A&M Engineering

The Overall Showcase Capstone Design Award recipient was Formula SAE Internal Combustion. Andersen Windows & Doors sponsored the team's project. They had already been awarded first place in the Mechanical Engineering Award.

Student capstone projects were also recognized in the industry sector of their choice. The categories were energy or health, infrastructure, manufacturing and national security. But the awards were given to projects within the majors of the College of Engineering.

The top three teams from each department are listed below.

Engineering Project Showcase 2023 Winners: 

Biological and Agricultural Engineering Award

First place ($500)
Team: Venguard Hospital Ventilation Optimization

Second place ($350)
Team: Cottonseed Monitor

Third place ($250)
Team: ESG Scoring Development and Impact Review

Biomedical Engineering Awards 

First place ($750)
Team: Novel Method to Deliver Apneic Oxygenation During Intubation  

Second-place three-way tie ($500)
Teams: Modular Stoma Port; Pediatric Portal Vein Stent; Urine Monitoring with Specificity to Calcium Ions for Assessment of Renal Stone Formation Risk in Microgravity

Computer Science and Engineering Awards 

First place ($1,000), sponsored by American Bureau of Shipping
Team: Form Fixer

Second place ($750)
Team: CSCE 482 - AggieQuest

Third-place two-way tie ($500)
Teams: BRL-CAD Visualization; Waveform Noise Reduction and Analysis

Electrical and Computer Engineering Awards 

First place ($1,000)
Team: Bench Diagnostic Aid

Second place ($750)
Team: A Smarter Solution to Internet Traffic Management

Third place ($500) 
Team: Industrial Instrumentation Controller

Industrial and Systems Engineering Awards

First place ($1,000), sponsored by Caterpillar Inc.
Team: The Shahi Kulfi Company

Second place ($750)
Team: SMARTair Smart Home HVAC+Lighting Vent

Third place ($500) 
Team: Optimizing Inbound and Outbound Traffic Flow at PyRock Chemical

Material Science and Engineering Awards  

First place ($500)
Team: Mechanical Behavior at Hypersonic-relevant Temperatures 

Second place ($350)
Team: FRP Permeability and Degradation in Low Pressure CO2

Third place ($250)
Team: Molten salt synthesis and characterization of LLZO solid electrolyte for solid state batteries

Mechanical Engineering Awards 

First place ($1,000), sponsored by Andersen Windows & Doors
Team: Formula SAE Internal Combustion

Second-place two-way tie ($750)
Team: Texas A&M Formula SAE Electric Racing Team; ChampionX Pipeline Surface Applicator System

Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering Technology Award 

First place ($1,000), sponsored by Bray International Inc.
Team: Halliburton’s Cutting Tool Flux Bath Maintenance, Reliability, & Optimization
Second place ($750)
Team: Ulti-Mech: Axiom Space EVA Lunar Tools
Third place ($500) 
Team: DetectaChem - Ampoule Identification System