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Sebastian Villa Cuellar
Sebastian Villa Cuellar has developed his own path through the interdisciplinary engineering degree in the Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering. Using the degree, Villa Cuellar has prepared himself for a career in robotics and automation. | Image: Texas A&M Engineering
For most of his life, Sebastian Villa Cuellar has had a passion for robotics. When he arrived at Texas A&M University, he was unsure which degree was best for him. When he found the Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering, Villa Cuellar quickly realized he was on the right path.
Villa Cuellar is a senior in the department and is majoring in interdisciplinary engineering. He will graduate in May with minors in electrical engineering and controls of mechanical systems. The tailored degree plan offered by the multidisciplinary engineering department allowed Villa Cuellar to pursue his passion while completing his college education.
“I transferred into interdisciplinary engineering from another engineering major,” Villa Cuellar said. “I chose the program because I was able to personalize the degree more than any other, and I was still able to take the upper-level theory classes that really challenged me.”
Villa Cuellar started his first year as an Entry to a Major student, where all engineering freshmen begin the process of selecting a major. During his sophomore year, he changed his major and joined the multidisciplinary engineering department.
“When I realized I was on the wrong path, I had to go through the major application process again,” Villa Cuellar said. “I chose my first major as a freshman, and just like many other people, I changed my mind later on. I don’t regret the path I took to get to interdisciplinary engineering. The department made the transition easy, and I’m a better student because of it.”
The flexibility of the program allowed Villa Cuellar to select the classes that would best prepare him for his future career. After graduating, he will begin a career in automation with Beckhoff Automation, where he interned last summer.
“I was one of the first engineering interns Beckhoff hired,” Villa Cuellar said. “I’m excited to start full-time after graduation. The automation field is so interesting because we get to impact almost every industry from the automation perspective.”
When he starts, Villa Cuellar will complete a rotational program at the company’s headquarters before selecting his niche area where he’ll focus the beginning of his career. He also hopes to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in the future.
“I hope to pursue an advanced degree to continue to push myself,” Villa Cuellar said. “Using my knowledge from interdisciplinary engineering and an advance degree, I’ll be able to help more people as an engineer.”
When he is not pursuing his passion for robotics, Villa Cuellar spends time swing dancing, rock climbing, playing the cello or volunteering.
“I have a really diverse set of interests,” he said. “I think it allows me to connect with a diverse set of people from around the world.”
Since his youth, Villa Cuellar has been involved with CISV International, a program that fosters multicultural friendships by bringing children from around the world together during a summer camp.
“I attended CISV a few times when I was younger,” he said. “The program had such an impact on me that I’ve stayed involved with the local chapter even though I’m too old to attend as a participant.”
Using his passion for giving back and the skills he learned in the multidisciplinary engineering department, Villa Cuellar will continue to make an impact on the community.
“Whatever path they’re on, students should consider the multidisciplinary engineering department,” Villa Cuellar said. “With the tailored degree plan, students can prepare themselves for just about any career and have a lot of fun doing it.”