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Dr. Malini Natarajarathinam holds her award while standing between Dr. John E. Hurtado ’95 and Dr. Marty Holmes '87.
Dr. Malini Natarajarathinam shines bright as she proudly displays her well-deserved award, standing among esteemed colleagues Dr. John E. Hurtado ‘95 and Dr. Marty Holmes ’87. | Image: Texas A&M Engineering.
Dr. Malini Natarajarathinam is an associate professor in the Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution, and she is a trailblazer in engineering education. Natarajarathinam's innovative and impactful teaching style has earned her The Association of Former Students College-Level Teaching Award for 2022, a prestigious honor given by The Association.
Natarajarathinam's teaching philosophy centers around engaging students in practical and innovative learning experiences that make a difference in their lives. Her focus on community engagement and real-world engineering principles’ applications sets her apart from other educators.
She maintains high expectations, ensures academic rigor in her courses and contributes to overall student development.
Natarajarathinam's teaching skills have been widely acknowledged by her students and colleagues. Her dedication to the learning process and commitment to mentorship exemplify the meaning of teacher in the highest sense. Her hard work and commitment to teaching excellence have earned her widespread recognition.
In addition to her teaching, Natarajarathinam is involved in various initiatives that promote community engagement, research and engineering education. She engages professional students in research, leading to successful papers presented at conferences and publications, which provide practical experiences to help students understand the real-world applications of engineering principles.
One of her notable initiatives is in the distribution logistics class, where she encourages students to apply their principles of supply chain management to run supply chains efficiently for food pantries in Texas. This initiative enables students to use their skills in a non-traditional setting while improving the supply chain efficiency of food pantries and positively impacting their communities.
Natarajarathinam's recognition is a testament to her hard work and dedication to teaching excellence. She sets a positive example for her students, colleagues and the broader community by demonstrating that teaching can significantly impact the lives of students and the community.
"Many amazing people are doing extraordinary things here at Texas A&M University. And getting these awards gives some recognition to that — which makes you feel good — but more than that, the exposure has given me opportunities to get noticed by others who want to work with me on related efforts, especially given that the Texas A&M community is full of people who are doing unique and neat things," Natarajarathinam said.
Natarajarathinam's outstanding contributions to teaching excellence, dedication to education and commitment to making a difference in the lives of her students and the wider community set an example for others to follow.