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Dr. Guodong Guo headshot
Dr. Guodong Guo is an instructional assistant professor at the Higher Education Center at McAllen, Texas. | Image: Texas A&M Engineering
Dr. Guodong Guo has joined the Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering as an instructional assistant professor at the Higher Education Center at McAllen in McAllen, Texas.
Guo's research focuses on the design, analysis and structural health monitoring of various mechanical structures such as aircraft, automobiles and electronic devices. He works to advance the fundamental knowledge of these structures' behaviors under extreme operational conditions. Engineers are then able to improve structural designs to meet ever-growing economic and safety needs.
Previously, Guo taught at Texas A&M University-Kingsville and North Carolina State University.
“Becoming a member of a great institute dedicated to the communication and application of knowledge in a wide range of academic fields is very meaningful,” Guo said about his decision to join the Aggie family. “Texas A&M is seeking a place of preeminence among public universities in providing service to its students and society.”
Guo holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Lanzhou University of Technology, a master's in mechanical engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University and a doctorate in mechanical engineering from North Carolina State University. Along with his academic achievements, Guo brings three years of industry experience as a professional mechanical engineer.
His current research areas include solid mechanics, multiscale simulation, structural health monitoring and understanding material behaviors using experimental methods and numerical simulations.
This semester, Guo initiated a research project at the McAllen campus aimed at developing advanced propellers for multicopters with improved aerodynamic performance. "Through courses and research projects, ideas become physical products," he says. "It is always a delight to see when students develop a new product. I enjoy bringing my professional industry experience into the classroom to help my students elevate their engineering education."
He encourages students to embrace the uniqueness of the Higher Education Center at McAllen, where his favorite course to teach is Mechanical Design Application (MMET 363). “This course integrates the foundational knowledge of classical mechanics and modern machine elements,” Guo says. “Several primary design criteria, including function, safety, reliability, manufacturability, weight and maintenance, are illustrated with related mechanical parts. The students engage with real industry applications and can develop ideas while working on a group project that results in a physical product.”