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From left, Mary Chandra, Ann Piccolo Chandra, Ajey Chandra and Raj Chandra.
Ann Piccolo Chandra ’87 and Ajey Chandra ’86, pictured with their two children Mary Chandra ’22 and Raj Chandra ’22, established the Chandra Family Scholarship in Chemical Engineering to give back to future generations of chemical engineers. | Image: Courtesy of Ann Piccolo Chandra and Ajey Chandra

For Ajey Chandra, it was the lively environment of campus and the outstanding education provided by the engineering program that led him to Texas A&M University. He had always wanted to pursue a degree in chemical engineering, which made his decision easy. Chandra graduated from the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering and is a proud member of the class of 1986. He and his wife, Ann Piccolo Chandra ’87, have generously established the Chandra Family Scholarship in Chemical Engineering.

Following graduation, Chandra’s passion for chemical engineering continued, and he has worked for several companies in the oil and gas industry over the past 35 years. This ultimately led to a successful career and his current position as the executive vice president at Baker & O’Brien Inc. in Houston.

“The degree I received at Texas A&M has been instrumental in my career in oil and gas,” Chandra said. “More importantly, I’ve had the chance to work with and learn from a lot of great Aggies throughout my career.”

Ajey Chandra is not the only Aggie in his family. His wife Ann Piccolo Chandra graduated with the class of 1987, and her father Joe Piccolo was a member of the class of 1950.

Their love and devotion for the university were easily passed along to their children, who also attended the university. Their son Raj Chandra graduated in May 2022 with a mechanical engineering degree. Their daughter Mary Chandra graduated in August 2021 with a degree in biomedical sciences and is pursuing a doctoral degree from the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M.

Texas A&M is unique, not only in its classroom education, but in the leadership skills learned through participation outside the classroom.

Ajey Chandra

The Chandra family has been forever impacted by Texas A&M. To show their gratitude for the opportunities given to them, they have established a scholarship to give back to the College of Engineering. They hope the Chandra Family Scholarship in Chemical Engineering will help provide some of the funds needed for future Aggies to earn their engineering degrees.

With this opportunity, both Ajey and Ann Chandra can continue to support the university that has provided the best education for not only themselves but their children as well. With their gift, they hope to inspire future generations of chemical engineers. They also want to provide a chance for these students to be part of a university that opens up countless opportunities for Aggies’ futures.

“After graduation, Aggies always help other Aggies,” Chandra said. “The university and its graduates stand out as a result.”

How To Give

Endowments supporting the students in the college have an immeasurable impact on their education. If you are interested in supporting the College of Engineering and its departments or would like more information on how you can give, please contact one of our development officers.