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Texas A&M University former student in civil engineering, Marcy Newman ’80. | Image: Courtesy of Diana Casseta-Perez
Marcy and Ron Newman have established the Marcy Newman ’80 Dean’s Scholar Award at Texas A&M University. Distributions from this endowment will provide scholarships for freshman students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the College of Engineering. The Newmans hope this endowment will grow exponentially by instilling the value of selfless service in recipients’ lives.
Drawn to the traditions, discipline and values she witnessed, Marcy eagerly selected Texas A&M as her university of choice. Marcy came to Texas A&M as a first-generation college student. She was faced with financial challenges as she and two of her siblings attended college at the same time. To help pay for her tuition and living expenses, Marcy had multiple jobs that scheduled difficult and late night working hours. Meanwhile, engineering classwork was heightened by her strenuous work hours and financial hurdles. “Freshmen in engineering have to make it through a really tough year in order to continue in their chosen field,” she said.
The support of other Aggies allowed Marcy to overcome her difficult situation. “I had a lot of mentors and teachers and friends who helped me succeed once I was at A&M,” she said. Marcy was inspired by the selfless service she experienced. “I want to be a part of giving back to help others the way I was helped.” She founded the endowment specifically to aid freshmen. “My husband and I wanted to establish an opportunity for a freshman student to succeed and get that first solid year behind them with some financial support.” 
Marcy was highly impacted by the strong Aggie network she found on both campus and after graduation. “The Aggie network in Texas is probably one of the strongest that there is,” she said. “That network from the beginning gave me a leg up in my career.” Marcy’s academic advisor at Texas A&M gave her a list of people to contact in her job field, and the one she chose as her mentor has remained good friends with her family for over 35 years. “Texas A&M isn’t just a university,” she said. “It’s a part of your family, and I believe in supporting your family.”
Embodying the values of leadership and selfless service, Marcy gives back to her Aggie family through her organizational involvement. She continues to grow her Aggie network, specifically among other women. “Aggie women, in particular, have a special place in my life,” she said. At the time she pursued her degree in civil engineering, Marcy was one of the few women studying a STEM field.
She has served on the Aggie Women’s Network as a board member, secretary and president, and the Aggie Women Engineers Network as an executive committee member. “My ongoing support of the Aggie Women’s Network and the Aggie Women Engineers Network and this Dean’s Endowed Scholarship is my way of hoping to inspire others in the future to do the same, whether it’s in their career or giving back to A&M.”
Marcy graduated from Texas A&M with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. She enjoyed her career working in both the public and private sectors, spending the last 15 years working for Jacobs Engineering Group. Marcy retired in 2020 and is living in San Antonio, Texas. She and her husband enjoy traveling, volunteering, and the extra time to continue to give back to Texas A&M.

How to Give

A Dean’s Scholar Award can be established as an endowment of $100,000 or by committing to a four-year contribution of $4,000 each year for a total of $16,000. If you are interested in supporting the Dean’s Scholars Award program or would like more information on how you can give, please contact Patrick Wilson, director of development.