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Anthony Roman in uniform on Kyle Field
Anthony Roman, a student in the nuclear engineering department, was recently named chief of staff for the Corps of Cadets. | Image: Courtesy of Anthony Roman

Born in Virginia to a military family, Anthony Roman has lived in many places around the world – from Germany to New York. Roman knew from an early age he wanted to continue his family's tradition of serving in the military. He dreamed of becoming a nuclear engineer for the Navy, working on aircraft carriers and nuclear reactors.

Finding a home in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University, Roman is the new chief of staff for the Corps of Cadets.

"I am honored to be named chief of staff," said Roman. "In this role, my job is to ensure the standards of the Corps are being upheld."

Anthony Roman in firefighter uniform
The summer after his freshman year, Roman acquired a contract with the Navy, gaining experience as a nuclear surface warfare officer. | Image: Courtesy of Anthony Roman

Throughout his time in the Corps, Roman has held many positions. His journey to chief of staff began his freshman year when he became the commander of the Fish Drill Team.

"Moving mid-year to a new role was a tough transition," he said. "I had to learn about a semester and a half's worth of content in a month and a half. However, it was worth it because we ended up winning the national championship in New Orleans, beating out many of the senior military colleges and academies."

That summer, Roman landed the job of his dreams, acquiring a contract with the Navy in pursuit of becoming a nuclear surface warfare officer.

"I had pushed myself to achieve that role since high school," he said. "It was truly an amazing experience and inspired me to keep moving toward my future aspirations."

His sophomore year, Roman became an advisor on the Fish Drill Team, training the Class of 2023. As an advisor, he was assigned the tasks of mentoring and training the team.

Anthony Roman outside of TEES
A senior in the nuclear engineering department, Roman has balanced his duties in the Corps with his studies. | Image: Courtesy of Anthony Roman

Balancing his nuclear engineering studies with the cadet life has been no easy feat, but one he is extremely proud of. Nuclear engineering is challenging and complex, but his work in the Corps has directly impacted his ability to manage his duties.

"The Corps helped me with discipline and learning how to accomplish tasks," he said. "Everyone in the nuclear engineering department has a different background and story. Being a Corps member has helped me work successfully in groups and teams with individuals from all over the world."

Roman is now a senior. As he accepts his new title and duties, his mission is to make an impact that expands beyond the scope of the Corps of Cadets.

"My goal is to move us into new territories," said Roman. "I desire to help others inside, as well as outside, the Corps. I'm learning how to take the Corps mentality and apply it to other aspects of my life."