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Rebecca and Abhi Jadhav posing for a photo.
Former electrical and computer engineering student, Rebecca Jadhav and her husband Abhi Jadhav. | Image: Courtesy of Rebecca Jadhav
Rebecca and Abhi Jadhav have established the Rebecca ’93 and Abhi Jadhav Endowed Scholarship. Distributions from this endowment will be used to provide one or more scholarships to full-time students in good standing pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University.
Rebecca is a first-generation Aggie and was the first in her family to attend any college. “I actually grew up a longhorn fan,” she said. “After telling my favorite high school teacher that I wanted to be an electrical engineer, he told me I should attend Texas A&M. Having no family experience to draw from, I blindly took his advice and it was the best decision of my life.”
Rebecca feels that Texas A&M prepared her well for a career in engineering. “I was able to take the foundational knowledge I gained from my bachelor’s degree and use it as a stepping stone for a very successful career in (information technology),” she said.
While attending Texas A&M, Rebecca took on most of the financial burden. “My sister and brother-in-law helped with many things, but I worked my first two years and borrowed for the last three,” she said. “I did receive a scholarship that helped buy my books and a few grants took some of the financial load off of me, but I was very fortunate to have these resources available to me and without them I could have never afforded to go to college.”
Rebecca and Abhi are establishing this gift as their way to pay it forward and to help lighten the financial burden for a fellow Aggie. They have made preferences that their scholarship be awarded to a student with financial need pursuing an undergraduate degree in electrical and computer engineering.
“We would love to help someone go to college that otherwise would never be able to afford it,” Rebecca said. “We hope to provide them an opportunity to attend a world-class institution and to experience everything that is special about Texas A&M.”
Rebecca graduated from Texas A&M in 1994 with her degrees in electrical and computer engineering. She and Abhi have two children; Shreya, who is 13, and Ryan, who just turned 11. Rebecca said they were given Texas A&M pacifiers the day they were born and although Rebecca and Abhi will undoubtedly support them regardless of where they attend college, they hope it will be Texas A&M. 

How to Give

The College of Engineering is one of the leading engineering programs in the United States, ranking first in undergraduate enrollment and ninth in graduate enrollment. Endowments supporting the students in the college have an immeasurable impact on their education. If you are interested in supporting the College of Engineering and its departments or would like more information on how you can give, please contact True Brown, director of development.