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Amelia Bradley (left) and Claire Rodgers (right)
As part of the Zachry Leadership Program, Amelia Bradley (left) and Claire Rodgers (right) will participate in various events ranging from retreats and seminars to classes about finding your strengths and leading with impact. | Image: Courtesy of Amelia Bradley and Claire Rodgers

Amelia Bradley and Claire Rodgers, students from the Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering at Texas A&M University, were selected as members of the Zachry Leadership Program (ZLP). As members of the program, they will spend the next two and a half years developing their leadership and interpersonal skills to prepare them for a future in engineering.

“What really stood out about the program was the focus on developing personal leadership styles and prioritizing authenticity and selflessness,” Rodgers said. “I've always thought that leadership is based on being aware of yourself, of others and the dynamic created between the two. I felt like the ZLP truly embodied that perspective.”

Rodgers and Bradley are among 32 students selected for the program, out of 220 applications. Picked for their strong communication skills and desire for achievement, they exemplify excellence both in and outside the classroom.

The ZLP members will participate in various activities, from a pre-semester retreat to immersive multi-day events to improve themselves as communicators, as business leaders and as people. Weekly classes will include discussions with peers and seminars with leaders from around the country. Each semester, students will review a different leadership style and put it into action. The program is focused on the development of students to prepare them for success in their careers.

Rodgers is majoring in interdisciplinary engineering with minors in design and simulation of mechanical systems and industrial engineering.

“This program will be an invaluable tool for improving myself and preparing me for not only a successful but meaningful career in engineering,” said Rodgers. “For me, being accepted into the ZLP is a sign that I am headed in the right direction for what I want to accomplish.”

Bradley is an architectural engineering major with a concentration in structural building systems.

“The ZLP strives to find students with different engineering majors, backgrounds and hobbies so that we can learn several different things from each member,” Bradley said. “Although architectural engineering is a fairly new discipline, it was the perfect choice for me because of my passions for art and design. I believe that my choice of engineering and passion for art helped me stand out.”

Another aspect of the program is aiding students in finding their voice and talents. Students must take classes that focus on self-awareness, leading for impact and using their strengths in leadership roles.

“I hope to find my voice as a member of the ZLP,” said Bradley. “The ZLP emphasizes that everyone has a different style of leadership. I hope to find my style of leadership and develop more confidence in myself. I plan to challenge myself to keep an open mind and explore all of the opportunities that the ZLP offers.”

The ZLP’s primary purpose is to highlight the integration between communications, leadership, engineering and business. By creating this connection, students will be capable of conquering obstacles and tackling their goals.

“Being a part of this program is very important to me because it offers so many opportunities to expand my world through new friendships, mentorship, leadership and business experience,” said Bradley. “I am so thankful to be a part of this program, and I cannot wait to see where it takes me in the next few years.”