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Headshot of Dr. Daniele Mortari with Texas A&M Engineering logo.
Dr. Daniele Mortari has been elected by his peers to join the International Academy of Astronautics for his outstanding achievements and service to science. | Image: Courtesy of Dr. Daniele Mortari

Dr. Daniele Mortari, professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University, has been elected a Member for Engineering Sciences of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA). 

The IAA is a leading organization of the world’s foremost experts in astronautics. Their mission is to foster and promote international cooperation in the development and advancement of astronautics and aerospace science. Since its founding in 1960, members from approximately 83 countries have come together to explore and discuss cutting-edge issues in space research and technology and provide direction and guidance in the peaceful uses of space and the ongoing exploration of the solar system.

New members are elected by their peers for their outstanding service, achievement and leadership in space and aeronautical activities in their respective countries. 

Mortari is honored to be elected to this group of world-class experts in astronautics. First, because of the prestigious world-wide recognition of his past achievements and scientific activities. Second, because he was the last student of Dr. Luigi Broglio, father of the Italian satellite launch San Marco programme and one of the founders of IAA, along with Theodore von Karman, Yuri Gagarin, Wernher von Braun and Neil Armstrong, to mention a few.

Mortari’s research has focused on orientation and position estimation of spacecraft, attitude sensor data processing, satellite constellations and various topics in linear algebra and numerical algorithms. His recent mathematical framework, “Theory of Functional Connections,” has found applications in almost all scientific fields dealing with differential equations and constraint optimization. This theory will be the subject of a forthcoming book.