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Participants include: Dr. Shaheen Dewji, Dr. Sean McDeavitt, Dr. Warren "Pete" Miller, Dr. Shikha Prasad, Dr. Jean Ragusa, Dr. Stephen Raiman, Dr. Pavel Tsvetkov and Dr. Rodolfo Vaghetto. | Image: Getty Images

From Nov. 16-19, scientists and nuclear engineers from across the globe will gather to share research and deliberate on the future and forces of nuclear energy at the 2020 American Nuclear Society (ANS) Virtual Winter Meeting.

This year’s theme, “Nuclear: Good for You” brings positivity and hopeful aspirations to the field during a time of tension. The goal is to highlight the ways in which nuclear science and technology contribute to improving the environment, health care and the betterment of society.

The Department of Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University will have a prominent presence at the event, with nine faculty members scheduled to lend their expertise and present in either a technical or plenary session.

Dr. Pavel Tsvetkov, associate professor in the department and program chair of the reactor physics division, is helping kickstart the annual event on Nov. 16. Tsvetkov will be an alternate chair for a technical session on the Versatile Test Reactor project, a sodium-cooled fast test reactor that could become critical as early as 2026.

Similarly, assistant professor Dr. Shikha Prasad will lead two events as chair of the local sections committee: a business meeting and a workshop. The workshop will include a student-mentor mixer as well as a presentation regarding the new ANS chapter in the United Arab Emirates and a presentation by the ANS Idaho chapter.

Another key focus of the meeting is refining the way in which scientists communicate the value of nuclear technology to society. As an expert in the field of radiation protection and dosimetry, assistant professor Dr. Shaheen Dewji will be speaking in the president’s special plenary session. Panelist experts will discuss the best communications practices when it comes to informing the public and non-scientists about the risks associated with low-dose radiation levels. Additionally, Dewji will present in a technical session with one of her doctoral students, Hadyn Kistle. 

Other speakers from Texas A&M include Dr. Sean McDeavitt, Dr. Rodolfo Vaghetto, Dr. Warren “Pete” Miller, Dr. Stephen Raiman and Dr. Jean Ragusa.