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Large group of students among job recruiter booths at engineering career fair.
Aerial view of recruiter booths in the Ford Hall of Champions at Kyle Field during the Fall 2019 Engineering Career Fair. | Image: Texas A&M Engineering/Stephanie Jones

On Sept. 4-5 the Student Engineers’ Council (SEC) at Texas A&M University held their Fall 2019 Engineering Career Fair at Kyle Field and the Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center. The event attracted approximately 10,100 students seeking internships and jobs from the 558 participating companies in attendance. The fair is a premier recruiting event that is planned, organized and staffed by students, making it one of the largest student-run career fairs in the nation.

In addition to many Aggie-owned companies such as Ward, Getz, & Associates, LLP and Shift Administrators, LLC in attendance, students had the opportunity to meet and speak with recruiters from many Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, ExxonMobil, Procter & Gamble, and more.

“Historically, our career fair has accounted for around half of the jobs given to graduating seniors and many internships to students throughout their time at Texas A&M,” said Abhi Dhillon, president of the SEC. “Beyond the impact it can have on our career, I believe the career fair gives students an opportunity to grow in confidence. It is not easy to approach a recruiter and talk about yourself for five minutes countless times throughout the day. However, in doing so, students become more confident in speaking and in their accomplishments.”

The day before the fair, the SEC hosted two events, a welcome social and company showcase. At the welcome social, students had the opportunity to interact with company recruiters in a relaxed, professional setting. The company showcase is an informational style event where students learned about how to better understand companies, recruiting practices and the typical positions that are filled by engineering students through brief presentations given by the participating companies.