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The 15th International Conference on Polymers for Advanced Technologies (PAT 2019) was hosted by Texas A&M University Aug. 8-10. The three-day conference, organized by faculty from the Colleges of Science, Pharmacy and Engineering, is associated with the journal Polymers for Advanced Technologies. PAT 2019 was arranged into three different themes: life and health, energy and electronics, and synthesis and sustainability. 

According to Rigoberto Advincula, professor in the macromolecular science and engineering department at Case Western Reserve University and invited speaker at PAT 2019, meetings like this are important to highlight new research. “Polymers are everywhere. They touch nearly every aspect of society and technology. Meetings like this are a good way to bring together the different branches of engineering and sciences to share breakthroughs.” Advincula also said that Texas A&M was an excellent choice to host the conference. “There is a good polymer concentration here at A&M, and really all of Texas” he said.

Christopher Bowman, Patten Endowed Chair of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the director of the materials science and engineering program at the University of Colorado, also praised the choice of Texas A&M as host. “Texas A&M is the perfect institution to organize this conference because of the deep and broad capabilities in polymer science, going through science and engineering, into the applications.”