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Dillon Hall and Bonnie Dunbar in front of poster
Dr. Bonnie J. Dunbar and Dillon Hall at the ICES poster presentation | Image: Bonnie J. Dunbar

Dillon Hall, a graduate student in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University, won best poster award at the 49th International Conference for Environmental Systems (ICES) held in Boston, Massachusetts.

Hall competed against 30 other students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Maryland, as well as several other schools. His first-place poster “Modeling of Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Suits using Vitus Vitronics Laser Scanning Coupled with CAD/Vidya Software for Fabric Behaviors” details the research work the Aerospace Human Systems Laboratory (AHSL) is doing on a new virtual extravehicular mobility unit spacesuit. The goal of the research is to ultimately develop the capability to rapidly produce customized prototype suits that achieve optimal performance for any size crewmember, reducing both cost and production times.

Hall is doing his research under the advisement of Dr. Bonnie J. Dunbar in the AHSL. Lexi Heinimann, another graduate student under Dunbar, also had her abstract and poster selected for the competition. 

The ICES student poster competition aims at encouraging student participation and providing a forum for students to present their work in an informal and interactive setting.

ICES was started in 1971 with a focus on the dissemination of technical and scientific information on topics related to humans living in space and working in extreme environments. The 2019 conference covered these topics with an emphasis on applications inside or outside of terrestrial or outer space habitats or vehicles.