Christie and Clinton Bybee have created an endowment to support the Engineering Entrepreneurship Program | Image: Texas A&M Engineering

Christie L. Bybee ’81 and Clinton W. Bybee ’85 recently established the Engineering Entrepreneurship Endowment to support the Engineering Entrepreneurship Program in the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Through this program, students are provided the opportunity to immerse themselves in high impact learning experiences and events. These experiences develop students’ business and innovation skills while simultaneously preparing them for industry success. From hosting Aggies Invent to courses on business basics, the initiative plays a vital role in bridging engineering and entrepreneurship.

“The College of Engineering has been making progress on an entrepreneurship component for several years and it has taken off in a big way under the leadership of Rodney Boehm,” said Clinton. “I was blown away with the potential for an engineering entrepreneurship program and the huge benefit it would be for students.”

Gifted through the Texas A&M Foundation, their endowment will help current and future students gain the skills and knowledge needed to be leaders in the industry.

“In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to invest in entrepreneurial companies for over 30 years,” said Clinton. “I know the power of bringing technology innovations to the market and the importance of having engineers equipped with the tools to get started down that road. I want Texas A&M to be a leader in this area.”