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HammondDr. Tracy Hammond, professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University, was recently awarded the Aggies Celebrate Teaching! – Recognizing Transformational Learning award by the Center for Teaching Excellence in the Office of the Dean of Faculties and Associate Provost.

This honor recognizes faculty members and instructors who use transformational teaching strategies to inspire their students.

“Dr. Hammond’s teaching style can get any student interested in learning and becoming curious to know more,” said Vijay Rajanna, a graduate student in computer science and engineering. “Her passion and dedication to teaching are unmatched. She knows how to connect with students and explains even the most complicated algorithms and theorems through analogies so that learning becomes a pleasant experience for the students. She not only teaches the ‘what,’ but also teaches the ‘why’ and ‘how’ aspects of any concept, which is what makes her teaching captivating.”

Hammond teaches the senior capstone design course, a human-computer interaction course and sketch recognition course to students in the department, in addition to offering opportunities for research within her own lab.

“From the start it was clear that Dr. Hammond made it a priority to enable the success of all of her students,” said Jake Leland, an undergraduate researcher and senior in the department. “Even as an undergraduate student, she provided me with an impressive array of opportunities throughout her research lab. When I was attempting to decide on my research focus, Dr. Hammond passionately collaborated with me to decide on a topic. Her continual optimism was contagiously motivational, and she supported me in every way that she could.”

Hammond is one of six instructors or professors from across the university to be selected for this award based on student nominations.

“Dr. Hammond’s excellence in technical skills and focus on innovation prepare our students to succeed in the ever-changing computing field,” said Dr. Dilma Da Silva, department head in computer science and engineering. “Her enthusiasm motivates the students to pursue lifelong learning once they graduate.”