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Women in Engineering holds graduate recruitment event

Women in Engineering, a program offered through the Texas A&M University College of Engineering, held a graduate recruitment event Feb. 17. Students from across the country came to meet with faculty, staff and students from nine departments to learn more about engineering.

For the event, 22 prospective students were invited to attend a luncheon where they had the opportunity to speak with department representatives, then visit the campus for department and lab tours. They also engaged in evening activities that showcased the City of College Station.

By meeting current students, faculty and staff and touring the renowned laboratories and facilities, this recruitment event allowed prospective graduate students the opportunity to see first-hand what Texas A&M Engineering has to offer.

“This event changed my view as a future grad school applicant by allowing me to see and experience what it’s like as a grad student at (Texas) A&M, which is so much more than any website or information pamphlet can provide alone,” said biomedical engineering student Whitney Souery. “Interacting with the current graduate students and seeing the facilities and labs really allows for the students to visualize themselves studying here at (Texas) A&M, which I believe is what makes the event so successful in terms of future student recruitment.”

We Lab Tour

Women in Engineering’s vision is to create an environment that fosters support and development of women students and faculty. The program incorporates inclusive practices to elicit meaningful and lasting changes in the engineering culture and workplace as a whole.

“This was the first event offered by the Women in Engineering program, and we hope to offer the event next year,” said program director Shawna Fletcher. “We are interested to see these students become part of the Aggie family.”