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AFRL John Matyjas 2Dr. John Matyjas, technology advisor of the computing and communications division at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in Rome, New York, presented his perspective on the future of the interdisciplinary nature of electrical and computer engineering during a Leaders and Innovators Speaker Series seminar in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Matyjas’ seminar focused on the innovation, development and maturation of secure communications, networking and information management technologies.

“A timely, reliable and mission-responsive Air Force network is critical to the translation of sensory data into actionable information and for assuring tailored communications globally,” said Matyjas. “To build future elastic network capabilities that can respond to the mission and threat environment, we cannot rely solely on a data-neutral network. The future lies in affordable, extensible, interoperable communications architectures that intelligently distribute information in a robust way and enable shared situational awareness and timely decision-making, ultimately, to assure the mission.”

Matyjas was named an AFRL Fellow last year. He studies dynamic multiple-access communications and networking, software defined RF, spectrum mutability, statistical signal processing and optimization and neural networks.

Matyjas is the recipient of the 2015 Air Force Association’s Technology Manager of the Year Award, the 2015 AFRL Scientist of the Year Award, the 2012 IEEE R1 Technology Innovation Award and the 2010 IEEE International Communications Conference Best Paper Award. From 2012-14, he served on the IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications editorial advisory board. He is an IEEE senior member, secretary of the IEEE Mohawk Valley Section, chair of the IEEE Mohawk Valley Signal Processing Society, and member of the Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu Engineering Honor Societies.