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Dallas Little, senior research fellow at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, gave the C.L. Monismith Lecture at the Geo-Chicago conference August 17. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Geo-Institute (G-I) is one of the eight specialty ASCE institutes. Geotechnical engineering is concerned with the engineering behavior of earth materials.

Little was awarded the lecture following his nomination by the G-I Awards Committee and approval by the G-I Board of Governors. The lecture is awarded annually for outstanding research contributions in pavement engineering.

“Since this was a selected lecture, it was especially heartwarming to be selected by my peers for this honor,” Little says. The lecture was entitled Sustainable Pavements: The Impact of Geo-Mechanics and Geo-Chemistry.

The annual Monismith Lecture is in recognition of Professor Carl L. Monismith’s contribution to pavement engineering. A professor at the University of California, Berkeley, his teaching and research career spans more than 50 years.

Little is the E.B. Snead Chair Professor and Regents Professor in the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering. He was also honored with the F. C. Turner lecture award from the Transportation and Development Institute of ASCE in June of this year.