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Dr. Laszlo KishDr. Laszlo Kish, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University, was named Distinguished Guest Professor of Hunan University.

Kish received the title for research collaborations with the university located in Changsha, China. Kish visited the university last August to collaborate on a research project with Professor He Wen, his former visiting scholar at Texas A&M. During that time he also taught a shortened version of his low-noise electronic design course and organized a conference during a previous visit.

Kish directs the Fluctuation and Noise Exploitation Laboratory in the department and also is a researcher in the electrical and computer engineering division of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station.

His general research interests include the study of laws, limits and applications of electronic noise processes for sensing, communication and information processing. Such applications are fluctuation-enhanced sensing, unconditionally secure communications, zero-signal-power communications and noise-based logic.

Hunan University is one of the oldest and most important national universities in China.