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Dr. Tahir Cagin, Dr. Miladin Radovic and Dr. Pao Tai Lin have been appointed to the editorial board of Scientific Reports, an online open access scientific journal published by the Nature Publishing Group that covers all areas of the natural and clinical sciences.

Cagin is a professor in the department. Radovic is an associate professor and the associate department head and Lin is an assistant professor in the Department of Electric and Computer Engineering and an affiliated faculty member in materials science and engineering.

Dr. Michael Demkowicz, associate professor in the department, was appointed to the board in 2015.

“Having four faculty members from our department on Scientific Reports’ editorial board for condensed matter physics is a great recognition of the research in the area of materials science and engineering at Texas A&M University,” said Radovic.

Scientific Reports in the last five years has become one of the main avenues for dissemination of significant findings in science and engineering,” said Cagin. “For a newly-established department, having four members serving on the advisory board of the journal is an achievement we should be proud of.”

Cagin studies designing materials and material structures to improve the energy conversion from abundant sources such as thermal, mechanical, chemical and light to useable forms such as electricity. His research group analyzes the processing pathways using non-equilibrium statistical thermodynamics through advanced molecular dynamics methods.

Radovic’s research is focused on the processing of advanced structural and multi-functional ceramics and ceramic composites for extreme environments and characterization and modeling of their mechanical behavior, oxidation/corrosion resistance and thermal properties.

Lin is involved in research about mid-infrared integrated photonics, biomedical sensors on a chip, multiscale fabrication technologies, reconfigurable materials and nanophotonics and metamaterials.

Scientific Reports publishes original research in all areas of the natural and clinical sciences. The journal is fifth among all multidisciplinary science primary research journals in terms of its scientific impact, according to the 2014 Journal Citation Reports Science Edition, which evaluates the world’s leading journals based on citation data.