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Unknown 9.10.31 AMThe Texas A&M Engineering Program recently invested 12 new chair and professorship appointments for the 2016-2017 academic year, in addition to recognizing current chair holders and professorships.   

Engineering faculty who were awarded the new designation of a chair or professorship were presented with bronzed medallions. The medallions symbolize the honorees’ commitment to teaching, research and service. 

New honorees:

A. Daniel Hill — Stephen A. Holditch ’69 Department Head Chair in Petroleum Engineering

Miroslav M. Begovic — Carolyn S. & Tommie E. Lohman ’59 Professorship in Engineering Education

Bonnie J. Dunbar — TEES Distinguished Research Professor

Jaime C. Grunlan — Linda & Ralph Schmidt ’68 Professorship

Anthony Guiseppi-Elie — TEES Research Professorship

Eleftherios Iakovou — TEES Research Professorship

Duncan J. Maitland — Stewart & Stevenson Professorship I

Eyad Masad — Zachry Professorship in Design & Construction Integration II

Prabhakar R. Pagilla — TEES Research Professorship

Alan B. Palazzolo — TEES Research Professorship

Robert E. Skelton — TEES Distinguished Research Professorship

Mark H. Weichold — Halliburton Engineering Global Program Professorship 


Current chair and professorship holders:

Stuart D. Anderson - Zachry Chair in Construction Integration

M. Katherine Banks – Harold J. Haynes Dean’s Chair in Engineering

Maria A. Barrufet – Baker Hughes Chair 

Bill Batchelor - R.P. Gregory class of ’32 Chair

Jean-Louis Briaud – Spencer J. Buchanan `26 Chair

Kai Chang – TI Chair in Analog Engineering

Dara W. Childs – Leland T. Jordan `29 Chair

Akhil Datta-Gupta – L.F. Peterson `36 Chair

Edward R. Dougherty, Jr. – Robert M. Kennedy `26 Chair

Christodoulos A. Floudas – Erle Nye ’59 Chair Professorship for Engineering Excellence

Costas Georghiades - Delbert A. Whitaker Chair

Je-Chin Han – Marcus C. Easterling `30 Chair

A. Daniel Hill - Noble Chair

David C. Hyland - Royce E. Wisenbaker Class of ’39 Chair

John L. Junkins - Royce E. Wisenbaker Class of ’39 Chair in Innovation

M. Nazmul Karim – Mike O’Connor Chair II

Michael J. King - LeSuer Chair in Reservoir Management

P.R. Kumar – Chair in Computer Engineering

Dimitris C. Lagoudas – John & Bea Slattery Chair

Gholamreza “Reza” Langari – J.R. Thompson (ETID) Department Head Chair

F. Barry Lawrence - Leonard and Valerie Bruce Leadership Chair in Industrial Distribution

Dallas N. Little – E.B. Snead ’25 Chair

Robert L. Lytton - Fred J. Benson Chair

Cesar Malave - Sugar and Mike Barnes Department Head Chair in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Mahboobul Sam Mannan – Mike O’Connor Chair I

Duane A. McVay – Albert B. Stevens Chair Professorship in Petroleum Engineering

Binayak Mohanty - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Chair in Hydrological Engineering and Sciences

Hisham Nasr-El-Din - John Edgar Holt Class of ’27 Chair

John M. Niedzwecki - Wofford Cain Senior Chair in Engineering Offshore Technology

Calvin Parnell – Endowed Chair in Cotton Engineering, Ginning and Mechanization

K.R. Rajagopal - Forsyth Chair in Mechanical Engineering

J.N. Reddy - Oscar S. Wyatt, Jr. Class of ’45 Chair

B. Don Russell, Jr. - Harry E. Bovay, Jr. Chair for the History and Ethics of Professional Engineering

Luis San Andres – Mast-Childs Chair in Mechanical Engineering 

Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio - T-I Jack Kilby Chair in Analog Engineering

William S. Saric - George J. Eppright Class of ’26 Chair

Marlan Scully – TEES Distinguished Research Chair 

Chanan Singh - Irma Runyon Chair

Vijay Singh - Caroline and William N. Lehrer Distinguished Chair in Water Engineering

Peter P. Valko – Robert Whiting Chair in Petroleum Engineering

Marvin L. Adams – HTRI Professorship

Nancy M. Amato – Unocal Professorship

N.K. Anand - James M. Class of ’12 and Ada Sutton Forsyth Professorship

Kalyan Annamalai -  G. Paul Pepper Class of ’54 Professorship

Robin L. Autenrieth -  A.P. and Florence Wiley Professorship

Perla B. Balbuena - Gas Processors Suppliers Association Professorship in Chemical Engineering

Shankar P. Bhattacharyya - Robert M. Kennedy Class of ’26 Professorship

Thomas A. Blasingame – Robert L. Whiting Professorship

Rodney Bowersox – Ford Motor Company Design Professorship I 

Satish Bukkapatnam – Rockwell International Professorship

Dragomir B. Bukur – Joe M. Nesbitt Professorship

Mark Burris – Herbert D. Kelleher Professorship in Transportation

Jerald A. Caton - Gulf Oil/Thomas A. Dietz Professorship

Hamn-Ching Chen – A.P. & Florence Wiley Professorship I

David E. Claridge - Leland T. Jordan Class of ’29 Professorship 

Gerard L. Cote - Charles H. and Bettye Barclay Professorship

Dilma Da Silva – Ford Motor Company Design Professorship II

Aniruddha Datta - J.W. Runyon, Jr. Professorship in Electrical Engineering

Yu Ding – Mike and Sugar Barnes Professorship

Mehradad Ehsani – Robert M. Kennedy ’26 Professorship I

Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi – McFerrin Professorship in Chemical Engineering

Prasad N. Enjeti - T-I Professorship in Engineering

Sharath Girimaji – General Dynamics Professorship

Yassin A. Hassan – Sallie & Don Davis ’61 Professorship in Engineering

Arul Jayaraman - Ray B. Nesbitt Professorship

Daniel F. Jennings - I. Andrew Rader Professorship

Ibrahim Karaman - Chevron Professorship

Mladen Kezunovic – Eugene E. Webb ’43 Professorship in Electrical Engineering

Yue Kuo – Dow Chemical Professorship

Mark A. Lawley – TEES Research Professorship

Victor Jorge Leon - Allen-Bradley Professorship

Jenn-Tai Liang – John E. and Deborah F. Bethancourt Professorship

John Mander - Zachry Professorship in Design and Construction Integration

Scott Miller - Debbie and Dennis Segers Class of ’75 Professorship

Rabi H. Mohtar – TEES Research Professorship 

Robin Murphy - Raytheon Company Professorship in Computer Engineering

Alan Needleman – TEES Distinguished Research Professor 

Cam V. Nguyen – TI Professorship II in Analog Engineering

Zivko Nikolov, Dow Professor in Process Engineering

Eric L. Petersen – Nelson-Jackson Professorship

Stratos Pistikopoulos – TEES Distinguished Research Professor

Andreas A. Polycarpou - Meinhard H. Kotzebu Class of ’14 Professorship

Robert E. Randall - W.H. Bauer Professorship in Dredging Engineering

Lawrence Rauchwerger – Eppright Professorship in Engineering

A.L. Narasimha Reddy - J.W. Runyon, Jr. Professorship in Electrical Engineering

Helen Reed – Edward “Pete” Aldridge `60 Professorship

Peter Rentzepis – TEES Distinguished Research Professor

William Schneider – Zachry Industry Teaching Program

Taher M. Schobeiri - Oscar S. Wyatt Jr. Professorship

Jorge M. Seminario - Lanatter and Herbert Fox Professorship in Chemical Engineering

Jose Silva-Martinez - T-I Professorship in Analog Engineering

Arun R. Srinivasa – Holdredge/Paul Professorship

Hung-Jue Sue – TEES Research Professorship

Ramesh Talreja - Tenneco Professorship

Valerie E. Taylor - Royce E. Wisenbaker Professorship

Hamid A. Toliyat - Ratheon Professorship in Electrical Engineering

Victor Ugaz – Charles D. Holland `53 Professorship

Jennifer Welch - Chevron Professorship

Steven M. Wright - Royce E. Wisenbaker Professorship

Ralph A. Wurbs - Arthur McFarland class of 1905 Professorship in Engineering

Ding Zhu - L.F. “Pete” Peterson Class of ’36 Professorship

Behbood "Ben" Zoghi - Victor H. Thompson Professorship