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Kyungtae Lee and Gang Zhao, graduate students in the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University, were recently awarded scholarships from the Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI). The scholarships will be used to support the students’ research in the field of water resources.

Lee received the Mills scholarship, which is given to Texas A&M students engaged in research regarding the Texas water issues. His proposed research will extend the research scope of ongoing research over the impacts of future climate change on agroclimate and surface hydrology in Baja California and Texas.

The scholarship will allow Lee to extend the scope from surface hydrology to agricultural impacts, especially irrigation water availability and crop yields under a changing climate. His research results are expected to contribute to future agricultural production management and planning in Texas.

Zhao was awarded the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Graduate Research scholarship, which funds graduate research projects in the area of water resources and hydrology that have the potential to help Texas solve future water issues.

His study focuses on connecting climate variability with water supply reliability, specifically in the Trinity River Basin, which supplies water to two of the top 10 largest cities in the United States, Dallas and Houston. The research will result in optimal plans to improve the adaptive capacity of the water supply while mitigating the losses due to disasters in the Trinity River Basin.

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Contributing author: Ryan Terry