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JORGE-ALVARADO_SUMMER-2014Dr. Jorge L. Alvarado, associate professor in the Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution at Texas A&M University, recently gave an invited lecture at the University of California, Riverside, on multiple droplet impingement dynamics. 

During the lecture, Alvarado revealed his most recent findings about the hydrodynamic behavior of impinged thin liquid films under the effects of multiple droplet impingement events. He and his team have been able to conduct microscale experiments and numerical simulations to understand the physical mechanisms of multiple droplet impingements on heated surfaces as they relate to electronic cooling and biomedical applications.

His research efforts are part of a project funded by the Qatar National Research Foundation, in which he and his collaborators at Texas A&M at Qatar including Dr. Reza Sadr and Dr. Anoop Kanjirakat, are conducting fundamental research in the area of impinged liquid films.

Alvarado was invited by the Dr. Guillermo Aguilar, department chair of mechanical engineering at Riverside, who is also active in the field of droplet impingement and sprays for biomedical applications. During his visit, Alvarado also had the opportunity to meet with graduate students to talk about rewards and challenges of pursuing an academic career.