• Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Leland T. Jordan Career Development Professor
  • Affiliated Faculty, Biomedical Engineering & Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ya Wang

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University – 2012
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico – 2007
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Shandong University – 2004

Research Interests

    • Magnetic-plasmonic nanorobotics, nanomedicine
    • Human sensing and activity tracking
    • Semiconductor optical modulator
    • Dynamics, controls, and energy harvesting

Awards & Honors

  • 2022 ASME Fellow
  • 2021 Texas A&M TEES Engineering Genesis Award
  • 2020 NSF Growing Convergence Award
  • 2020 SPIE Senior Member
  • 2019 Texas A&M TEES Engineering Genesis Award
  • 2018 NSF CAREER Award
  • 2017 U.S. Office of Naval Research Summer Faculty Fellowship
  • 2015 Wave Energy Prize, a pubic challenge sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy
  • 2015 Special Congressional Recognition (by Congressman Lee Zelkin)
  • 2013 ASME SMASIS Best Student Hardware Competition

Selected Publications

  • *Hua R, Wang Y, 2022, Distinguishing Medication ON and OFF for Parkinson’s Disease through Repetitive Foot Motion Recognition and Analysis, IEEE Sensors Journal, 22 (12). pp.219-227.. IF:3.301
  • *Chen J, *Yuan M, *Madison C, Eitan Sh, Wang Y, 2022, Blood-brain Barrier Crossing using Magnetic Stimulated Nanoparticles, Journal of Controlled Release, 345, pp.557-571. IF: 7.877.
  • *Yuan M, *Bancroft E, *Chen J, Srinivasan R, Wang Y, 2022, Magnetic Fields and Magnetically Stimulated Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Coated Gold Nanoparticles Differentially Modulate L-type Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel in Midbrain Neurons, ACS Applied Nano Materials, 1(1). IF: 5.097.
  • *Wu L, & Wang Y, 2021, Stationary and Moving Occupancy Detection Using the SLEEPIR Sensor Module and Machine Learning, IEEE Sensors Journal, 21 (13), pp. 14701-14708.
  • *Chen Zh, & Wang Y, 2021, Remote Recognition of In-bed Postures Using a Thermopile Array Sensor with Machine Learning, IEEE Sensors Journal, 21 (9). Pp.10428-10436.