• Associate Professor
  • Phone: 979-845-1417
  • FAX: 979-845-3081
  • Email: ssuh@tamu.edu
  • Office: MEOB 215
Steve Suh

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, 1997.
  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Auburn University, 1991.
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Feng-Chia University, 1984.

Research Interests

  • Characterization and control of dynamic manufacturing instability; Engineering design theory; MEMS and NMEMS fabrication; High-performance microelectronic packaging; Dynamic system diagnostics and prognostics; Linear and nonlinear stress wave propagation; Laser ultrasonic thermometry.

Awards & Honors

  • ASME, Fellow (2019)
  • Ford Fellow, TAMU, 2003-2004.
  • Nominee for TEES Select Young Faculty Award, 2002.
  • Member of Sigma Xi since 1996.
  • Member of ASME since 1989.
  • Member of SEM since 1991.

Selected Publications

  • Mao, Xu and Suh, C.S., (2019) “Ultrashort Pulse Induced Elastodynamics in Polycrystalline Materials Part I: Model Validation,” Journal of Thermal Stresses. 42(3), pp. 374-387. https://doi.org/10.1080/01495739.2018.1524729
  • Mao, Xu and Suh, C.S., (2019) “Ultrashort Pulse Induced Elastodynamics in Polycrystalline Materials Part II: Thermal-Mechanical Response,” Journal of Thermal Stresses. 42(3), pp. 388-400. https://doi.org/10.1080/01495739.2018.1524730
  • Mao, Xu and Suh, C.S., (2018) “Generalized Thermo-Elastodynamics for Polycrystalline Metallic Thin Films in Response to Ultrafast Laser Heating,” Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer. 33(1), pp. 106-116. https://doi.org/10.2514/1.T5429
  • Branigan, Z. and Suh, C.S. (2018) “Power Density – An Alternative Approach to Quantifying Fatigue Failure,” Vibration Testing and System Dynamics, 2(4), pp. 307-326
  • Lin, Y., Liu S., Zhao X., Mao, E., Cao C., and Suh, C.S. (2018) “Fatigue Life Prediction of Engaging Spur Gears Using Power Density,” Proc. IMechE Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science. DOI:10.1177/0954406217751557