• James J. Cain Professor I
Alan Palazzolo

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering University of Virginia, 1981
  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering University of Virginia, 1977
  • B.S. Engineering Physics University of Toledo, 1976

Research Interests

  • Rotordynamics, Magnetic Bearings, Active Vibration and Noise Control, Fluid Film Bearings, Vibrations, Finite and Boundary Elements, Seal and Impeller Leakage Flow, Machine Design, Energy Storage Flywheels, Expert Systems, Microgravity Vibration Isolation, Electromechanical Systems, CFD flow in pumps and compressors, Heart pumps (VAD), drillstring vibration, and RO desalination.

Awards & Honors

  • TEES Senior Fellow
  • Director of the TAMU Vibration Control and Electromechanics Lab (VCEL)
  • Best Paper: ASME J. of Tribology for 2014 and 2016
  • R&D100 Award Recipient
  • 3 US Patents

Selected Publications

  • Kim,* Eunseok and Palazzolo, Alan, “ Rotordynamic Stability Effects of Shrouded Centrifugal Impellers with Combined Whirl and Precession” , ASME J. of Vibrations. Vol. 140, Issue 2, April 2018
  • Tong*, X., and Palazzolo, A., “Measurement and Prediction of the Journal Circumferential Temperature Distribution for the Rotordynamic Morton Effect”. ASME J. of Tribology, Vol. 140, May 2018
  • Mortazavi*, F., and Palazzolo, A., “Prediction of Rotordynamic Performance of Smooth Stator-Grooved Rotor Liquid Annular Seals Utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics”, ASME J. of Vibrations and Acoustics, Vol. 140, June, 2018
  • Li, X.*, Anvari. B.*. Palazzolo, A., Wang, Z., and Toliyat, H., “A Utility Scale Flywheel Energy Storage System with a Shaft-Less, Hub-Less, High Strength Steel Rotor”, IEEE Trans. On Industrial Electronics, August 2018, Volume 65 , Issue 8, pp. 6667 - 6675
  • Su, X., Li, W, Palazzolo, A., Ahmed, S., “Concentration polarization and permeate flux variation in a vibration enhanced reverse osmosis membrane module”, Desalination, (Impact Factor 4.4), 433 (2018), 75-88.