• Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Linda & Ralph Schmidt ‘68 Professor
  • Chair, Faculty Mentoring and Success, Mechanical Engineering
  • College of Engineering Faculty Ombudsperson
Anastasia Muliana

Educational Background

  • Ph.D, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Georgia Institute of Technology — May 2004
  • M.S, Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology — 1999
  • B.S, Civil Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology — 1997

Research Interests

  • Analytical, numerical, and experimental approaches in areas of structural and computational mechanics, i.e. nonlinear and time dependent constitutive material modeling, thermal stress analysis, contact and damage modeling, delamination crack growth in laminated composites, micromechanics of composite materials and structures, multi-scale material modeling, modeling nanoindentation tests, large-scale nonlinear structural analysis, numerical and finite element modeling, neural network simulations in engineering.

Awards & Honors

  • ASME Fellow 2016
  • William Keeler Memorial Award, 2016
  • TEES Faculty Fellow 2016
  • Cain Faculty Fellow I, 2016-2019
  • William Keeler Memorial Award, 2015
  • The Dean of Engineering Excellence Award, COE, Texas A&M University, 2015

Selected Publications

  • Song* R and Muliana A, “Modeling Mechanical Behaviors of Plant Stems undergoing Microstructural Changes” Mechanics of Materials, 139, 103175, 2019
  • Gomez FE, Mullet JE, Muliana AH, Niklas KJ, and Rooney WL “The Genetic Architecture of Biomechanical Traits in Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.)” accepted Crop Science 2019
  • Gagani A, Fan* Y, Muliana A, and Echtermeyer A, “Micromechanical Modeling of Anisotropic Water Diffusion in Glass Fiber Epoxy Reinforced Composites” Journal Composite Materials, 52, 2321-2335, 2018
  • Xing* J, Radovic M, and Muliana A, “A Nonlinear Constitutive Model for Describing Cyclic Mechanical Responses of BaTiO3/Ag Composites” Acta Mechanica, 228, pp. 2017-2032, 2017
  • Tajeddini* V and Muliana A, “Deformation of Flexible and Foldable Electro-active Composite Structures” Composite Structures, 160, pp. 280-291, 2017