• Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Affiliated Faculty, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Affiliated Faculty, Materials Science & Engineering
Shoufeng Lan

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering; Minor: Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology — 2017
  • M.S., ECE/Physics, University of New Mexico — 2012
  • M.E., Precision Instrument and Optoelectronics Engineering, Tianjin University — 2009
  • B.S./B.E., Optoelectronic Technology and Science, Nankai University/Tianjin University — 2007

Research Interests

    • Mechanics: Light-assisted control, sensing, and manufacturing
    • Materials: Plasmonics, metamaterials, and 2D materials
    • Physics: Nonlinear, quantum, and topological photonics
    • Chemistry: Photon-induced chem/med/bio-synthesis

Awards & Honors

  • 2022 IAC Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award
  • 2021 VEBLEO Fellow
  • 2020 SPIE Community Champion
  • 2018 Sigma Xi Best Ph.D. Thesis Award
  • 2016 SPIE D.J. Lovell Scholarship
  • 2015 National Award for Outstanding Students Abroad
  • 2015 MRS Graduate Student Award

Selected Publications

  • X. Ma, Y. Ma, P. Cunha, Q. Liu, K. Kudtarkar, D. Xu, J. Wang, Y. Chen, Z.J. Wong, M. Liu, M.C. Hipwell, S. Lan, “Strategical deep learning for photonic bound states in the continuum,” Laser & Photonics Reviews, 2100658 (2022)
  • S. Lan, X. Liu, S. Wang, H. Zhu, Y. Liu, C. Gong, S. Yang, J. Shi, Y. Wang, X. Zhang, “Observation of strong excitonic magneto-chiral anisotropy in twisted bilayer van der Waals crystals,” Nature Communications 12, 2088 (2021)
  • S. Rodrigues, S. Lan, L. Kang, Y. Cui, P. Panuski, S. Wang, A. M. Urbas, W. Cai, “Intensity-dependent modulation of optically active signals in a chiral metamaterial,” Nature Communications 8, 14602 (2017)
  • S. Lan, L. Kang, D. T. Schoen, S. Rodrigues, Y. Cui, M. L. Brongersma, W. Cai, “Backward phase-matching for nonlinear optical generation in negative-index materials,” Nature Materials 14, 807-811 (2015)
  • L. Kang, Y. Cui, S. Lan, S. Rodrigues, M. L. Brongersma, W. Cai, “Electrifying photonic metamaterials for tunable nonlinear optics,” Nature Communications 5, 4680 (2014)