• Assistant Professor
Jonathan Felts

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2013
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2009
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008

Research Interests

  • Scalable Nanomanufacturing, Nanometer Scale Thermal and Mass Transport, Near Field Optics, Organic Optoelectronics, MEMS/NEMS Design and Fabrication.

Selected Publications

  • Soleymaniha, M.; Felts, J. R. Design of a Heated Micro-cantilever Optimized for Thermo-Capillary Printing of Molten Polymer Nanostructures. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 2016, 101, 166-174.
  • Felts, J. R.; Oyer, A. J.; Hernandez, S. C.; Whitener, K. E.; Robinson, J. T.; Walton, S. G.; and Sheehan, P. E. Mechanochemistry on Functionalized Graphene Using Scanning Probes. Nature Communications 2015, 6, 6467.
  • Shi, L.; Dames, C.; Lukes J. R.; Reddy, P. S.; Duda, J.; Cahill, D. G.; Lee, J.; Marconnet, A.; Goodson, K. E.; Bahk, J-H.; Shakouri, A.; Prasher, R. S.; Felts, J. R.; King, W. P.; Han, B.; Bischof, J. C. Evaluating Broader Impacts of Nanoscale Thermal Transport Research. Nanoscale and Microscale Thermophysical Engineering (invited) 2015, 19 (2), 127-165.
  • Du, F.; Felts, J. R.; Song, J.; Li, Y.; Xie, X.; Rosenberger, M. R.; Islam, A. E.; Jin, S. H.; Dunham, S. N.; Zhang, C.; Wilson, W. L.; Huang, Y.; King, W. P.; Rogers, J. A. Laser-induced nanoscale thermocapillary flow for purification of aligned arrays of single-walled carbon nanotubes. ACS Nano 2014, 8 (12), 12641-12649.
  • Felts, J. R.; Onses, M. S.; Rogers, J. A.; King, W. P. Nanometer Scale Alignment of Block-Copolymer Domains by Means of a Scanning Probe Tip. Advanced Materials 2014, 26 (19), 2999-3002.