Hong Liang


Hong Liang

Office: MEOB 323
Phone: 979.862.2623
Fax: 979.845.3081
Email: hliang@tamu.edu

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Research Interests

Surface properties-behavior relations, (nano)tribology, tribochemistry, bio-nanointerface, biomaterials, nanomanufacturing, and CMP.

Awards & Honors

  • Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Fellow of Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
  • Charles H. Barclay, Jr. 45 Faculty Fellows, Texas A&M University College of Engineering


  • Ph.D. Stevens Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

Y. Alemdag, R. Cooper, and H. Liang, “Friction and Wear Behavior of Intermetallic Ni60Ti40 Alloy Modified with Aluminum,” Journal of Balkan Tribological Association, 19(4):515-526, 2013.

S. Kim, A.A. Polycarpou, and H. Liang, “Active Control of Surface Forces via Nanopore Structures” APL Mater, 1:032118, 2013.

H. Xiao, K. Wang, G. Fox, M. Belin, J. Fontaine, and H. Liang, “Spatial Evolution of Friction of a Textured Wafer Surface,” Friction, 1(1):92-97, 2013.

A. Konomi, S.S. Dhavala, J.Z. Huang, S. Kundu, D. Huitink, H. Liang, Y. Ding, B.K. Mallick, ““Bayesian Object Classification of Gold Nanoparticles,” Annals of Applied Statistics, 7(2):640-668, 2013.

H.B. Radousky and H. Liang, “Energy Harvesting: an Integrated View of Materials, Devices and Applications,” Nanotechnology, 23(50):502001-36, 2012.