• Associate Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Mike & Sugar Barnes Faculty Fellow, Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Affiliated Faculty, Materials Science & Engineering
Dinakar Sagapuram

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Materials Engineering, Purdue University - 2013

Research Interests

  • Dr. Dinakar Sagapuram focuses his teaching and research in advanced structural materials, materials processing, manufacturing and tribology. Specific topics of interest include mechanics of large-strain plasticity, plastic flow instabilities, localization and failure mechanisms with application to cutting and metal deformation processes; and process mechanics-structure-property relationships in lightweight alloy systems. His group integrates analytical and computational models with high-speed imaging, image analysis and other in-situ experimental tools to understand physical mechanisms that govern material deformation and process mechanics at micro to macro length-scales.

Awards & Honors

  • Indiana state winner and national runner-up in the US Department of Energy Clean Energy Trust Challenge business plan competition (with M. Efe, W. Moscoso, and B. Kalb), 2012
  • TMS Light Metals Division Magnesium Technology Award (best student paper), 2012

Selected Publications

  • D. Sagapuram, K. Viswanathan, A. Mahato, N. K. Sundaram, R. M'Saoubi, K. P. Trumble, and S. Chandrasekar. Geometric flow control of shear bands by suppression of viscous sliding. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 472:20160167, 2016
  • D. Sagapuram, M. Efe, K. P. Trumble, and S. Chandrasekar. Flow transitions and flow localization in large-strain deformation of magnesium alloy. Materials Science and Engineering: A, 659:295-305, 2016
  • D. Sagapuram, H. Yeung, Y. Guo, A. Mahato, R. M’Saoubi, W. D. Compton, K. P. Trumble, and S. Chandrasekar. On control of flow instabilities in cutting of metals. CIRP Annals–Manufacturing Technology, 64:49-52, 2015
  • D. Sagapuram, Z. Wang, and C. Saldana. Thermal stability of nanotwinned and nanocrystalline microstructures produced by cryogenic shear deformation. Philosophical Magazine, 94:3413-3430, 2014
  • D. Sagapuram, M. Efe, W. Moscoso, S. Chandrasekar, and K. P. Trumble. Controlling texture in magnesium alloy sheet by shear-based deformation processing. Acta Materialia, 61:6843-6856, 2013