• Associate Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Photo of Petar Momcilovic

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Columbia University - 2003

Research Interests

  • Stochastic modeling and data-driven decision making, with applications to large-scale service and healthcare systems.

Awards & Honors

  • IBM Faculty Award - 2007
  • NSF CAREER Award - 2007
  • IBM Research Herman Goldstine Postdoctoral Fellowship - 2003

Selected Publications

  • P. Jelenkovic and P. Momcilovic, Large Deviation Analysis of Subexponential Waiting Times in a Processor Sharing Queue, Mathematics of Operations Research, 28(3): 587-608, 2003
  • A. Mandelbaum, P. Momcilovic and Y. Tseytlin, Queueing Systems with Heterogeneous Servers: On Fair Routing of Patients in Emergency Departments, Management Science, 58(7): 1273-1291, 2012
  • P. Momcilovic and A. Motaei, An Analysis of a Large-Scale Machine Repair Model, Stochastic Systems, 8(1): 91-125, 2018
  • A. Mandelbaum, P. Momcilovic, N. Trichakis, S. Kadish, R. Leib and C. Bunnell, Data-Driven Appointment Scheduling under Uncertainty: The Case of an Infusion Unit in a Cancer Center, Management Science , 66(1): 243-270, 2020.