• Assistant Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Corrie and Jim Furber '64 Faculty Fellow
  • Affiliated Faculty, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ceyhun Eksin

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Electrical Systems & Engineering, University of Pennsylvania - 2015

Research Interests

  • Analysis and design of networked multi-agent systems. Topics of interest include distributed optimization, game theory, evolutionary game theory, networks, autonomous systems, energy systems and epidemics.

Selected Publications

  • A. Garcia, R. Khatami, C. Eksin, and F. Sezer. An Incentive Compatible Iterative Mechanism for Coupling Electricity Markets. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 37(2), 2021:1241-1252.
  • S. Aydın, S. Arefizadeh, and C. Eksin. Decentralized fictitious play in near-potential games with time-varying communication networks. IEEE Control Systems Letters, 6, 2021: 1226-1231.
  • J.S. Weitz, S.W. Park, C. Eksin, and J. Dushoff, Awareness-driven behavior changes can shift the shape of epidemics away from peaks and towards plateaus, shoulders, and oscillations, The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 117(51), 2020: 32764-32771.
  • C. Eksin, K. Paarporn, and J.S. Weitz, Systematic biases in disease forecasting – the role of behavior change, Epidemics vol. 27, 2019.
  • C. Eksin, J.S. Shamma, J.S. Weitz, Disease dynamics in a stochastic network game: a little empathy goes a long way in averting outbreaks, Scientific Reports, 7:44122, March 2017.
  • J.S. Weitz, C. Eksin, K. Paarporn, S.P. Brown and W.C. Ratcliff, An oscillating tragedy of the commons in replicator dynamics with game-environment feedback, Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences USA, vol. 113, no. 47, November 2016
  • P. Molavi, C. Eksin, A. Ribeiro and A. Jadbabaie, "Learning to Coordinate in Social Networks", Operations Research , vol. 64, no. 3, 2016.