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  • 18 hours of required technical electives
  • At least 12 hours must be ISEN courses
  • Must be from the approved list of courses 

ISEN Technical Electives - Fall 2021

ISEN 405: Facilities Design and Material Handling. Prerequisite: ISEN 210 and 320.
ISEN 411: Engineering Management Techniques. Prerequisite: Senior classification in industrial engineering.
ISEN 434: Human Error and Resilient Systems. Prerequisite: ISEN 330.
ISEN 440: Systems Thinking. Prerequisite: MATH 304 or approval of instructor; junior or senior classification.
ISEN 453: Manufacturing Operations. Prerequisite: ISEN 340. 
ISEN 489: Special Topics in Probabilistic Production Decision Making. Prerequisite: ISEN 310 or MATH 411; junior or senior classification. 
ISEN 491:  Research. Credit 1-4

ISEN Technical Electives 

Industrial and Systems Engineering technical electives change each semester. Please check Howdy to see which electives are being currently offered. 
To review all possible electives and their descriptions, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog

Approved Technical Electives

CVEN 349: Civil Engineering Project Management. Prerequisite: CVEN 202 or registration therein; CVEN 322 or 422.
ECON 311: Money & Banking. Prerequisite: ECON 203.
ECON 322: Applied Microeconomic Theory. Prerequisite: ECON 202. May not be counted toward a major in ECON.
ECON 323: Microeconomics Theory. Prerequisite: ECON 202.
ECON 410: Macroeconomics Theory. Prerequisite: ECON 203.
ECON 425: The Organization of Industry. Prerequisite: ECON 322 or 323.
ECON 459: Games and Economic Behavior. Prerequisite: MATH 142 or equivalent or approval of instructor.
ENGR 333: Project Management for Engineers. Prerequisite: junior or senior classification in College of Engineering.
ENGR 385X3: Problem for Co-op Students. Prerequisite: Approval of associate department head.
FINC 409: Survey of Finance Principals. Prerequisite: ACCT 209 or 229; junior classification.
MATH 407: Complex Variables. Prerequisite: MATH 221 or equivalent.
MATH 409: Advanced Calculus I. Prerequisite: MATH 220 or 221.
MATH 411: Mathematical Probability. Prerequisite: MATH 221 or equivalent.
MATH 414: Fourier Series and Wavelets. Prerequisite: MATH 222 or 304 or 311.
MATH 417: Numerical Analysis I. Prerequisite: MATH 222, 304, or 311; MATH 308 or equivalent; ability to program.
MATH 423: Linear Algebra II. Prerequisite: MATH 222 or 304 or approval of instructor.
MATH 425: The Mathematics of Contingent Claims. Prerequisite: MATH 172 or equivalent; MATH 308 or equivalent.
MATH 442: Mathematical Modeling; Prerequisite: MATH 304 and 308 or equivalent.
MATH 467: Modern Geometry. Prerequisite: MATH 222 or 304.
MEEN 475: Materials in Design. Prerequisite: MEEN 360; CVEN 305.
MGMT 309: Survey of Mgmt. Prerequisite: Junior classification; non-business majors.
MKTG 409: Introduction to Marketing. Prerequisite: Junior classification; non-business majors.
PSYC 315: Social Psychology. Prerequisite: PSYC 107; PSYC 203 and 204 or junior classification.
SENG 310: Industrial Hygiene Engineering. Prerequisite: CHEM 107; MATH 308; PHYS 208; or approval of instructor.
SENG 312: System Safety Engineering. Prerequisite: Junior classification.
SENG 321: Industrial Safety Engineering. Prerequisite: Junior classification.
SENG 455: Process Safety Engineering. Prerequisite: Senior classification in any engr major. Cross-listed w/ CHEN 455.
SENG 477: Air Pollution Engineering. Prerequisite: ENGR 214 or equivalent. Cross-listed w/ AGEN 477 and MEEN 477.
STAT 414: Mathematical Statistics 1. Prerequisite: MATH 221, 251 or 253.


If there is a technical course in another department you are interested in, contact an advisor here. Most 400 level College of Engineering, College of Business, MATH and STAT courses can be submitted for review.