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The program consists of two three-credit courses per semester over five consecutive semesters (including summer) for a total of 30 credits. Students who successfully complete the program will graduate with the Master of Science degree in engineering management. Classes meet on weekends throughout each semester at Houston’s CityCentre location.


Fall Semester 1

ISEN 613 - Engineering Data Analysis
Selected topics in probability and data analysis for quality in engineering problems, measurement principles, data collection and data analysis to solve quality engineering problems. Introduction to courses in the assurance sciences — reliability, maintainability, quality control and robust design.

ISEN 663 - Engineering Management Control Systems
Integration of human relations, planning and control concepts, systems analysis and design, and principles of management oriented toward engineering functions within an organization; organizational design and administration as they impact along the product life cycle, i.e., research, design, development, production and use.

Spring Semester 1

ISEN 620 - Survey of Optimization
Mathematical modeling of complex linear and nonlinear decision problems. Course will focus on formulating and solving decision problems with multiple variables and constraints with applications in practice. 

ISEN 662 - Economics of Engineering Systems
Tools from microeconomic and industrial organization will be introduced in order to analyze the way in which particular features of several engineering-intensive industries affect market structure and operation. Emphasis on modeling the interaction among information, technology and economic agents (consumers, producers).

Summer Semester

ISEN 617 - Quantitative Models for Supply Chain Management
Concepts, complexities and models for supply chain operations planning and their application to practice. Includes forecasting, inventory and location planning, channel coordination and supply chain contracting.

ISEN 660 - Quantitative Risk Analysis
Fundamental concepts, techniques and applications of quantitative risk analysis and risk-informed decision-making for all engineering fields. Practical uses of probabilistic methods are demonstrated in exercises and case studies from diverse engineering areas.

Fall Semester 2

ISEN 608 - Project Management
This course introduces concepts, tools and techniques used in the management and leadership of engineering projects. Course topics include the role of the project manager, project team selection and management, creation and maintenance of project plans, quality control and project risk management. Case studies from diverse engineering areas are used to demonstrate the application of project management principles.

ISEN 645 - Lean Thinking and Lean Manufacturing
Introduces the principles of lean thinking in modern manufacturing systems; philosophical, managerial and organizational requirements studied; lean manufacturing quantitative modeling methodologies, lean manufacturing cell design and case study analysis.

Spring Semester 2

ISEN 665 - Management of Engineering Systems
Theory and practice of leadership and management in engineering organizations; focus on both “hard” skills (systems engineering process, project management, planning, forecasting and financial analysis) and “soft” skills (leadership styles, motivation, teamwork, managing creative people, navigating informal networks); science and technology policy, economic implications of engineering and technology.

ISEN 685 - Capstone Project Course
This course requires defining and executing a practice-based engineering design and/or improvement project. Students will work in teams under the direct supervision of an ISEN faculty member to propose and manage a one-semester project with a well-defined scope and deliverables that permit direct application of the skills gained and techniques learned throughout the program. This course will culminate in a final written project and oral presentations that discuss the project’s outcomes and impacts.