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See benefits of sponsoring a Texas A&M University Department of Computer Science and Engineering industry capstone program project:

  • Opportunity to assess student talent and recruit top graduates.
    • Reduces training time for new hires and increases understanding of company culture, accelerating project readiness and improving new-hire retention.
  • Establish relationships with faculty members and subject matter experts in forward-looking technology.
    • Increase awareness of the highly technical nature of company projects and technical expertise of their engineers, which can foster future collaborations.
  • Build brand recognition.
    • Awareness of the types of projects that new graduates can look forward to
  • Understand advantages and competitiveness of a job offer versus those from more recognizable companies, contributing to hiring targets.
    • Strategies include:
      • Recognition as a project sponsor in the departmental website available to the student body. This includes the project description and a video of a live project demonstration, with the company logo prominently displayed.
  • Opportunity to be invited to talk about the project in a faculty’s capstone class, with unlimited participation of recruitment staff.
  • Opportunity to give back to the students and the department.
  • Turn over of results include, but are not limited to:
    • Final prototype or computing-based solution consisting of software and/or hardware as applicable;  
    • Final report and live project demonstration; and
    • High quality pictures and video of the working system, for use in communicating the project to the student body at all levels: faculty, sponsor and other external stakeholders.